Reviews: Hellsing

A review of the anime series

“Hellsing” was a good show. It wasn´t a great series on the same level of “Cowboy Bebop”, “Evangelion” or “Paranoia Agent”, but it was good enough to me. From the very first moment, this seems very promising, and what it delivers doesn´t disappoint. Despite the eerie atmosphere, the gore, and the monsters, “Hellsing” offers more action than horror, but that is fine: The animation and the character designs are quite well made the action scenes are great, and the music is simply excellent, combining rock, jazz and blues, in way very similar to “Cowboy Bebop”. The characters are another good aspect of this series. They are all interesting and likeable, even the villains. It is good to see that it avoids most of the anime clichés in the action genre, managing to be dark and fun at the same time. And speaking about fun, is quite goo too see that “Hellsing” has enough sense of humor to make fun of itself, giving us a few, but effective glimpses of black humor and self-parody. I would recommend “Hellsing” to anyone. Even when this won´t change your life, it won´t hurt, either.