Reviews: Dragon Ball Z The Tree Of Might

Boring but the 2nd half is actually pretty cool

Let's get this out of the way Icarus (Higher Dragon) Icarus is annoying and he takes up half of this movie...

But the other half is actually pretty cool.

The movie is a twist of the Saiyan invasion plot but this time the villains are utilizing the terrifying "Tree of Might" as to harness the planet's energy for their own gain, kinda like an anti-Genkidama...which is ironic considering how Goku wins this one.

The villain is a doppelganger of Goku which also serves as a take on the evil version of the hero trope and an interesting commentary on Saiyan genetics.

All in all, it's got some pretty interesting fight scenes, a unique premise, beautiful music but half the movie being dominated by Higher Dragon (Icarus) Higher Dragon really does pad the film.

And the backgrounds once the Tree of Might has fully grown tend to be a little dreary and murky.

What's even worse, they completely waste all of the potential battles between the secondary characters and the villainous henchmen

Why? So we can get more Gohan playing with his pet dragon in a cave with damn Icarus!

Honestly the biggest reason people remember this movie is Turles himself, beyond that though, it's kinda boring.