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11:22:56 AM Oct 8th 2012
I suppose a Cast Page would be meaningless now, since it's gone away already?
01:44:15 PM Oct 8th 2012
edited by AliceMacher
That, and because of the short running time, few of the characters other than those already familiar from Penny and Aggie were sufficiently developed for them to have more than maybe one or at most two tropes apiece assigned.

I will, however, at some point do the Recap for the second chapter, just for completion's sake. Also a Trivia page for the substantial What Could Have Been information that Campbell provided in the forum as the comic drew to a close. It'll be useful to have it all in one place.
01:02:34 AM Oct 9th 2012
edited by SorataYuy
True. Even Ronnie, Michael, and Marie would barely get anything, and they had a decent amount of screen time. Ah, well, looking forward to your usual exemplary thoroughness on recaps.
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