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04:26:59 AM Apr 7th 2017
edited by ergeis
Page is locked; To anyone with editing privileges, I would like to add the following:
  • Brown Note: The strange diagrams in Ougai's hideout are said to cause this. We don't get to see what they do but Ryouko advises not to look at them with the naked eye.
  • Shout-Out: One of Ougai's document is "In Regards to the Silver Key", a reference to H.P. Lovecraft's "The Silver Key".

Oh, and someone wants to make a live-action movie:
06:21:28 PM Jun 17th 2013
edited by
I'm curious. Was this article locked for a specific reason or did all the H-games that survived the purge just get locked on general principle? If there was a major post about this, I didn't see it, sorry.
04:52:12 PM Jun 22nd 2013
I'm kind of wondering this, too. Anyone know?
06:33:55 AM Jan 26th 2013
Moving this here from the main page, as it's a straight use of the trope.

01:40:53 PM Jun 19th 2012
Page kep per CV Thread
04:52:02 AM Jan 28th 2012
I consider ending 3 a reverse of the "Crapsaccharine World" trope, because they simply say everyone turns into a abomination. But, they don't say what happens after that. More likely than not, the former humans will get used to their new bodies and might even make a more peaceful earth, since racism and other prejudices are basically down the drain. So, instead of a horrible world that looks nice and cute on the outside, we get a wonderful world that looks ugly and disgusting on the outside.
09:53:50 AM Jan 14th 2012
I removed the stupid trigger warning. As I noted in my edit summary, anyone who would actually flip out just from reading about that kind of thing should be smart enough not to read H-game articles in the first place. If they arn't, then an out of place warning won't help them because they are too stupid to be helped.
06:59:13 PM Jan 14th 2012
Not all eroge is dark enough to include those elements. That being said, it's to be expect after you read the first paragraph, so I agree with removal.
04:03:05 PM Oct 22nd 2011
I found a picture of Soya's true form from the comic book. It's 90% safe for work, so I thought that we could have a link for it somewhere on the page. But there is no Image Links page for this game. Where should I put this picture?
06:34:43 PM Jan 27th 2012
Err... are you sure that the comic book is canon? The plot seems entirely different - Fuminori is called "Josh" for Pete's sake.
10:23:33 PM Oct 21st 2011
Some of the topics seem to have escaped the YMMV section, what with words like "the best ending" being thrown around.

My opinion seems to differ from this so-called "best ending," as in the one where Fuminori doesn't go to the institute, given the lack of closure.

And Fuminori crossing the "moral event horizon" felt natural rather than forced: "People not only look like monsters, now they act like monsters. So I will treat them like monsters." In essence.

So does this propel such entries into YMMV sections, or does it need just a quick brush up edits? The Headscratchers and and YMMV (providing I remember correctly) used to be more populated. What happened? Edit war?
07:58:44 PM Dec 24th 2010
edited by gamerex27
Let's Play?

This game seems ripe for a lets play. It might be one of those MST-able lets plays. I don't know whether to call it good or bad, but there are some plot elements that seem perfectly ripe for an LP. My personal choice: Desceaced Crab. He's done LP's of other PC games, most notably Cave Story, and he specializes in obscure imports and the like. After he finished his Sweet Home lest play, I can totally see hi coming up with this. Perhaps someone could contact him anoymously? We know he doesn't like T Vtropes, due to his remarks in the Youtube comments section, so it would have to be an anonymous request. However, anyone else would be fine: Maybe we have a few L Pers on TV tropes itself?
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