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03:24:31 PM Sep 8th 2013
Someone should add this multiple example. It's a game where the trope is played straight, subverted and averted IN THE SAME TIME.

In the game Majesty:The Fantasy kingdom Sim, dead heroes turn into gravestones that disappear after a duration. Higher level heroes' gravestones take longer to disappear. The player can cast ressurection spells on the gravestones to revive the hero, otherwise they will be lost forever (the game's expansion adds Mausoleums, buildings that store dead heroes for later ressurection.) Also, all creatures gain a gravestone upon death. Semi-averted with the Barbarian heroes, as there's a chance for them to go into a Non-Lethal KO upon receiving an otherwise fatal blow. They just lay on the ground until their health is back to full Also somehow averted with the Healer clas. Upon being killed, a Healer turns invisible and marches from it's deathplace to it's Temple, where he is ressurected automatically and free.... but it can only happen once per level gained. it's funny how you see that every enemy gets to turn into a pile of bones... and the Skeletons turn into a pile of bones WHICH CAN BE RESSURECTED. No, they don't become living beings, they are still undead skeletons. Creepier with the Zombies. Strangely, this trope is COMPLETELY AVERTED with henchmen ( guards, peasants, tax collectors, caravans) which dissipate in the split second they hit the ground. Very annoying when your Tax collector with ~ 700+ gold gets squashed by a troll and you lose the money forever.
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