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05:17:43 AM Jan 26th 2013
Missing apostrophe in 'Hows' - being a shortened form of 'how is'.

Also, there isn't one specific British accent - it would be like saying 'African accent' almost - such a name for the trope actually points out a different, real-life trope, whereby Americans think Britain is synonymous with England.
01:03:46 PM Jul 22nd 2013
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Inexperienced or ignorant Americans think Britain is synonymous with England. Everyone else meets or surpasses minimum standards of cultural awareness. Just like everywhere else in the world, including, yes, the lands comprising Britain.

I guess I should reasonably intuit from the above post that the people in the troper's country of origin think the inequity of others justifies their collective superiority complex.

But I guess that would be demonstrating the above-mentioned certain real-life trope.
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