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Let's make a homework help thread!:

@Deboss, alright, so I'm pretty terrible at this, but I couldn't ignore the guilt of making this thread without actually bothering to contribute to it any longer. Basically, convection is the transfer of heat caused by the movement of particles, both by diffusion, which is the random movement of particles throughout the fluid, and by advection, which is the natural flow of particles throughout the fluid (often because heat affects the movement of particles). Conduction is the transfer of heat from particle to particle, and usually works better in solid substances than fluids. For instance, a spoon being dipped into a hot liquid would be an example of conduction, because the particles of the liquid are interacting with those of the spoon.

I think Bernoulli's principle should help with the fluids. Just saying.

Also, thermodynamics in general should help with the question.

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Our philosophy prof has given us his blessing to be "creative" for our paper about "an intellectual throwdown" between Descartes and Hume. I'm thinking more of a smackdown. A rap battle or something. Free verse. Limericks.

Have at least one counterverse of each be about how Descartes' all "knowledge can be intrinsic" and have Hume do his big "No way, Big D, it's only from experience!" And some other crap. Have Hume make fun of cartesian graphing. Have Descartes insult Hume's mother. Hume's rebuff? "Yo momma so dumb she can't augment her sense-principles to form the image of a Golden Mountain, yo!"

Obviously I know nothing about rap.

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"I have run 10 miles a day, every day, for 18 years. That's 65,000 miles. A third of the way to the moon. My goal is to run to the moon."
Her philosophy professor probably won't know much about rap either.
SHIKI is dead.
 155 Tzetze, Tue, 8th Dec '09 9:31:57 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
I saw Abraham Lincoln's assassination as a rap battle once and it was pretty much the best thing ever. I don't know much about philosophers or rap, so, good luck.
Need some help with Divergence; a.k.a., how the hell did the formula for del(upside-down delta) D for both cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems get derived. Cartesian is easy; it's just the partial derivatives of each component of the vector.

It's hard to memorize the formulas for the non-Cartesian systems. sad

 157 Deboss, Fri, 11th Dec '09 1:00:02 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Cylinder is based on three things. Radius of length, theta angle from 0, and height. The first two are what give you your circular shape. You can however make these dependent on other parts such as r=10sin(theta) or some such. Then you've got height which tends not to depend on things. With a sphere, you start the same way, r and theta, but add a phi instead of an h. The difference between phi and theta, is that theta goes to 360 while phi goes to 180, both being 360 would result in two spheres on top of each other.
Deboss: I think Mapi-chan knows what cylindrical and spherical coordinates are, just now how to do partial derviative stuff with them.

I don't recall ever having to do div, grad, or curl stuff with cylindrical/spherical coordinates but I can tell you what I can figure out.

Well, the 1/ρ factor in the dφ part of ∇ for cylindrical coordinates is because an infinitesimal(dφ) change in φ leads to a change in x by -ydφ and in y by x&dphi;—this is perpendicular to how a change in ρ increases things but the length is ρdφ.

Basically, this means you can rotate dx and dy such that one direction is dρ and the other is dφ/ρ, and that's why there's a factor of 1/ρ in the equation for the gradient ∇f. Not sure about the divergence stuff; I'll figure that one out in a bit.

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SHIKI is dead.
I still have to digest this, but thanks! smile Also, time to study for signals class.

 160 Kinkajou, Sat, 12th Dec '09 8:15:43 PM from you're not your
Speaking of which, can anyone help me understand how to interface assembly language with C? Finals.
"Tumblr. Showing us why it's bad to enjoy things since 2007." - joeyjojo
Ah damn, I can't help you there. I never really understood assembly, partly because of my distaste towards pre third generation programming languages, So Yeah...

 162 Kinkajou, Sat, 12th Dec '09 8:23:02 PM from you're not your
Hahaha. Nevermind, I understand them a bit, but the thing can get a bit Mind Screwy.
"Tumblr. Showing us why it's bad to enjoy things since 2007." - joeyjojo
Yes, it can. I was astounded at how my groupmate programmed our IC chip to cause a bump and go algorithm to be executed for our project 2 sems ago (we put the breadboard and turned it into a UP Ikot jeepney tongue)

 164 Kinkajou, Sat, 12th Dec '09 8:27:12 PM from you're not your
At least we don't have to go in-depth in assembly like the CSE guys.

I'll just read slides.
"Tumblr. Showing us why it's bad to enjoy things since 2007." - joeyjojo
I want to learn assembly sometime just in case I ever have something that needs assembly.
SHIKI is dead.
 166 Kinkajou, Sat, 12th Dec '09 8:40:00 PM from you're not your
You probably won't.

And you know about me teaching someone programming, right?
"Tumblr. Showing us why it's bad to enjoy things since 2007." - joeyjojo
 167 Tzetze, Sat, 12th Dec '09 9:36:27 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Let's see, what do you use assembly for... extreme optimization usually in video games, operating systems, device drivers, viruses and worms, embedded systems, and that's all I can think of. I should be better at it than I am but it's hard to learn without a class. (I can usually read x86 asm, if not write it.)
 168 Kinkajou, Sat, 12th Dec '09 9:39:16 PM from you're not your
Going through protected mode is fun.
"Tumblr. Showing us why it's bad to enjoy things since 2007." - joeyjojo
Yeah, it's like when I first learned C:

"B-but Java's easier!"

"Try making an OS built on Java. Good luck with the lag."


 170 Kinkajou, Sat, 12th Dec '09 9:42:05 PM from you're not your
Java is fucking slow.

Fucking interpreters.
"Tumblr. Showing us why it's bad to enjoy things since 2007." - joeyjojo
 171 Tzetze, Sat, 12th Dec '09 9:44:27 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
You know what's slower? INTERCAL

Actually it might be faster?
Limewire is so resource-consuming I just stopped using it altogether. That's what you get for building an app purely on Java applets.

 173 Kinkajou, Sat, 12th Dec '09 9:48:25 PM from you're not your
Meh, I'm an album guy, so I went for BitTorrent instead.

Also, C++ is better than Java.
"Tumblr. Showing us why it's bad to enjoy things since 2007." - joeyjojo
 174 Tzetze, Sat, 12th Dec '09 9:50:09 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Limewire is applets?! Wow. Glad I never used it. Open standards seem better than canonical programs to me, anyway.
^ Yes. So yeah. screw it.

^^ I go for sites like Megaupload or Mediafire if torrenting doesn't have what I want.

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