I'm having difficulty coming to terms with who I am...:

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1 Vorthon30th Sep 2010 09:58:21 AM from a pale blue dot
I'm a little over ten months away from being legally considered an adult (here in Canada, anyways), and I've been looking at who I am lately. I can't help but be a little disturbed. I've developed a masochistic streak, to the point where my ideal relationship would be a total power exchange where I'm the one who is essentially stripped of their freedom. The reason I find this disturbing is that I'm normally the kind of person who doesn't like to be controlled, yet I find the idea of being reduced to a slave... well, 'exciting' (IYKWIM). I'm confused about who I am, really.

Help please?
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2 Kino30th Sep 2010 10:10:26 AM , Relationship Status: Californicating
We all have our kinks; you should come to the Fetishes page.
You like being humiliated and forced to do things you 'normally' wouldn't want to....

....with lolis!
4 FeoTakahari30th Sep 2010 04:39:16 PM from Looking out at the city
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What are the laws in your region? I know some places (such as Britain and Italy) have a possibility of arrest for even consensual BDSM if the authorities discover it.

Also, I would probably recommend against any full-time contracts, for the simple reason that there's more to life than sex.
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If you're going to give all of your agency to another person, you should be entirely sure that they'll always have your best interests at heart. Somehow I don't think such a person is easy to find. If you give someone else your control you'll have none for yourself.
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I think Fetishes might be more qualified to help you with this issue than On-Topic Conversations.
If this bothers you, look into counseling. They might be able to change this, by figuring out the underlying reasons for it.
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