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Writing a recording?:

 1 Cosmic Chinchilla, Tue, 27th Sep '11 12:04:07 PM from A bit left of tomorrow
Lacking elevenses
I'm writing a short story with a word limit of 500 - 2000 for a collection of horror stories. I've already done a rough draft as a series of diary entries concerning The Rakecreepypasta. Although I originally included a short transcript, it interrupted the flow of the story and a friend advised trying to write it entirely as a cassette recording but I'm having trouble doing so, especially with two main characters. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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 2 jagillette, Tue, 27th Sep '11 2:08:36 PM from the middle of nowhere
Wimpy Mc Squishy
Maybe the recording is in the form of a video camera or camcorder, like in Cloverfield. That sidesteps the 2 main characters problem, at least.
 3 Ralph Crown, Tue, 27th Sep '11 8:02:16 PM from Next Door to Nowhere
Short Hair
Treat the story as a radio drama. Sound effects and dialog must take the place of action and description. Let the reader fill in some of the blanks with imagination.
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 4 Cosmic Chinchilla, Wed, 28th Sep '11 12:52:55 PM from A bit left of tomorrow
Lacking elevenses
Thanks! I'll give that a go!
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