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YKTTW is the place for proposing new tropes.:

 1 Meta Four, Mon, 9th Mar '09 4:47:50 PM from riding the wave
This place. YKTTW (short for "You know, that thing where...") is a specialized forum-ish spot for proposing new trope articles, for gathering examples, and getting suggestions for names. It predates the forum, and has some advantages over the forum when it comes to article-making:
  • There's a View Wiki Markup link that shows the wiki markup of all the posts in the thread—ideal for copy-pasting items from the thread into Notepad to write up the actual article.
  • When an article is deemed ready to be made, you can click the Launch button, which will automatically put a link to the discussion (for posterity!) on the tropes' discussion page.

Here's another link to it. There's also a link at the top of the forum. And one in the left-hand menu (under "Troperville") on the main wiki pages. And one more link for good measure.

So please, take your new trope proposals there, instead of here.

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