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101 Tidal_Wave_179th Apr 2012 12:56:27 PM from Business, Nunya , Relationship Status: Singularity
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I was so busy coming up with the plot to your thing, I forgot to post the title or come up with my own pitch. ^_^"

Title: Shadows Cast. Yes, I know its lame.

Pitch: A girl moves to a new town where there is a dark secret involving a local girl who died a year ago and some sort of ritual sacrifice that is used to summon an Eldrich Abomination. Among the characters are the dead girl's creepy sister who doesn't speak and sulks around campus, a group of students who are friendly but may know more than they let on.

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102 fruitstripegum9th Apr 2012 01:45:18 PM , Relationship Status: Singularity
Lily was pretty excited about moving to the little town of Cottersville, but if she had any idea what she would find there, she would have done everything possible to prevent the move. Cottersville would be pretty normal...if it weren't for the strange goth girl Anya, who sulks around the college campus never speaking. Then there's the mysterious sorority Alpha, who seem friendly on the surface, but have secrets they refuse to reveal - and who seem very interested in getting Lily to join. It isn't long before she learns the town's dirty little secret - a year ago, Anya's older sister Tabitha (a member of Alpha) was sacrificed in a ritual to bring forth an Eldritch Abomination, which blesses the town with prosparity in exchange for a Virgin Sacrifice - and it seems that Lily has been chosen for this year's ritual...

Title: Little Town, Dark Secret.

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