Need help with Greek and Latin.:

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Could anyone help me with this paragraph?

Our army was not quite as numerous as any other significant incursions in history. Landing in Tokyo this day we had fifty Kataphraktoi, three hundred Nikephoroi, a hundred Toxotai Hesogenitoi, a detachment of Toxotai Epilektoi, a coven of Temple Night Brothers of the Scythe, and a minor crew of Hemoheilotai to tend to the army’s every need. We were a modest army, just shy of six hundred in number, as opposed to such juggernauts as the ten-thousand-strong army, complete with artillery, spellcasters and mercenary swordsmen in the last invasion of the White Consulate havens thirty years ago. And yet this is the army upon whose shoulder the Empire’s Eastward expansion depend. Like a human king once said “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers,” indeed.

Can anyone tell me if the terms are correctly coined?
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First of all, it's all ancient Greek. I don't see any Latin in there.

All the titles are in Nominative case, but since the text is in English I don't think it matters.

I have no idea what Hemoheilotai means, so I guess this isn't right. It sounds something like the Helots (which could be heilotai) but the Hemo part I don't understand.

Toxotai Hesogenitoi means "archers born equal". This sounds too strange to be a military unit.

Also, Toxotai Epilektoi (elite archers). While correct, it doesn't make much sense when there's another archer unit.

Nikephoroi (bringers of victory) is somewhat less strange, but still now what I would expect in an army.

(I assume that you know what they mean, but why would you choose them?)

What I'm saying is that the words are correct (unless maybe the Hemoheilotai), but the context they are used doesn't make sense to me.

Also, Temple Night Brothers of the Scythe. This sounds completely out of place besides all this ancient Greek. Just stating the obvious.
To clarify:

- These belong to a vampire army. In my settings, modern-day vampires are prominently of Greek descent, claiming to be descendants of the Komnenos (of the Alexios I Komnenos and Manuel I Komnenos bloodline). The vampire faction leader still styles himself "Basileus ton Rhomaion", among others.

- Hemoheilotai: Literally "blood slaves" - humans "domesticated' by vampires to be used as the primary source of blood.

- Hesogenitoi Toxotai: vampire-werewolf hybrid "Forestborn" archer warband. (I thought 'hesos' meant 'forest')

- Nikephoroi: Actually in full it should be "Phalangitai Nikephoroi", which should make infinitely more sense.

- The Temple Brothers part - I cannot find a good equivalent in Greek.

So.. Help?

And yes, there is no Latin here. I mistook this one for another passage where there should be.

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Ah, I hadn't thought of blood. Just a note, heilotai were slaves in ancient Sparta. The general term for blood slave would be Hemothouloi, in case you don't want a specific term.

Forest is "Thasos" (δάσος), but there is also "Alsos" (άλσος), wich means small forest, usually a planted one. The second sounds like Hesos. (Maybe there's another word, I'm not that good in ancient greek.)
And that is why I chose that word!

So would "forestborn" becoem "Thasogenitoi?"
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Yes, or "Alsogenitoi".
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