A game of 'Superman':

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For an improvised game of hide-and-seek tag, you have kids wearing blankets as capes. They're all superman, and they have to find out which one is the impostor(s) — i.e. the one who carries 'kryptonite' underneath the cape. That impostor is 'Lex Luthor', and the goal is to find out which of the supermen is Lex Luthor in disguise.

And once you find him out — you try and pin Lex Luthor down and put him in 'jail.' But you can't touch the kryptonite, or you gonna 'die' and you have to get another superman to perform super-CPR on you.

I wonder if this is a good game for kids to play, or if it can be made more interesting.
An accurate depiction
Basically Mafia for kids?

Seems like a good tool for characterizing relationships and suspicion- I'd say it's fine.

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This is this.
I suppose. Freestyle Mafia, with a lot of grabbing and tugging and double-dare kissing (Cooties!). And kryptonite dodging. Mmm, wouldn't that be something.

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Hmm me and my cousins used to play something like this only with Batman. And the kyptonite was a bomb.

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