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So I'm doing a sort of "interview" with my characters, just to slightly flesh them out, and to have a solid, written base line for all of them regarding their characterization and relationships. I'm wondering, beyond several I've thought up, what might be some good ones to "ask" my characters?
2 MadassAlex26th Oct 2010 11:25:01 PM from the Middle Ages.
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What is the one thing that you would most like to do? What about it seems attractive to you? What prompted your affinity for it?

What do you hate the most? Was there an experience that caused this? Or is your concern purely a matter of philosophy?

What's your current occupation? How does it interfere or interact with the answers to the above questions? Do you intend to keep this occupation, or will you give it up? Whether you keep it or give it up, are you making that choice out of necessity or pleasure?
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Ask them stupid trivial things, just for the fun of it. Like favorite and least favorite food and color. It might not add to their over all character much, but if you keep it stored somewhere, it might be nice little reference you can get in there whenever they decide to eat something.

Of course, you should always be willing to CHANGE these answers. Never have stuff not stated in the plot set in stone. If it can change and the plot would do better for it, change it.
This thread has many good ones.
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