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Greetings. This is the thread for requesting assistance with recovering a TV Tropes account for which you have forgotten the password.

Before posting here, please note that Welcome to TV Tropes! has a comprehensive set of instructions for managing your account, in the Getting Known section. To summarize, password resets are limited as follows:

  • If you have an associated email address, use the Lost Password form to request a reset email. If that doesn't work, post here.
  • If you do not have an associated email address, and have not used your previous account since September 18, 2013, we cannot verify your ownership for technical reasons.
  • To verify ownership without an email address, and if you have used your previous account recently, you should be logged in on the same computer and/or Internet connection that you most recently edited or posted from.
  • If you have forgotten the password to your account but you are still logged in, use the Change Password form to view your current password.

Thanks for your understanding.

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It's ok... are any of the old breed still here? Well, people that were around when I
Double post, bilch.

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128 Tzetze7th Jul 2010 11:41:01 AM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Lazy. Any tasty drama I missed this last month or so?
Spaghetti Cat III has been reset.

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i uh, i forgot the password for Inkdrake. can someone reset it, please and thank you?

... orz; i forgot to take record of it...? how did i forget it...?!
The password to my account Perrambawen went haywire and wouldn't even let me change it. Now I need it reset, please!
Inkdrake and Perrambawen reset.
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Yay! Thank you!

<3s and hugs! Unless you don't like them, in which case *reward of your choice*!
whew... thanks alot, fast eddie!

Forgot the password for Tori Angeli. Could I have a reset?
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Thank you so much! I'll write it down for next time.
Hi, until yesterday I was Nurfle. Late last night both my machines seem to have nuked their cookies and the password I remember putting in (as well as every other password) isn't working. Could I get a reset, please?
Nurfle reset.
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hello. was Randomlinenoise. got a new computer. forgot password. Help! Thanks.
Randomlinenoise reset.
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Hi! I have an alternate account I use that I made for my phone. The name is Gray Dove and my friend reset the cache on the phone. I've been spelling it correctly, spelling my password correctly, and it still won't work. I swear, probably typed it in 15+ times.
Gray Dove reset.
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145 GrayDove16th Jul 2010 01:29:07 PM from An Everchanging Area
The Second Dove
Woot! Thanks Fast Eddie, you're the man!grin
Really Black Dove. Alt made for iPhone usage. Will not respond to any Private Messages on here, so send them to Black.
I haven't had to log on in so long I forgot my password. My old account was paper11, reset please and thank you.
paper11 reset
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Hey there. I used to go by Red Zeppelin, but ever since clearing out my cache recently, I haven't been able to log in under that username with the password that I wrote down. Could you please reset my password so that I can use this username again?
Hey, I used to be Loustar Jogger, but then I had a brain fart and forgot my password. Fix pleaseandthankyou?

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150 AweStriker24th Jul 2010 01:25:43 PM from a moving point.
I seem to have misplaced my password as well and would like to reset it.
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