Terrible evil schemes:

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1 Talann_Zar1st Nov 2010 09:54:27 PM from Halo: Reach Forge
I am trying to write an article on the 10 worst evil schemes ever. I have three already, but I need more. Name the worst evil scheme (as in the stupidest) you have seen in a work of fiction, preferably western animation or a video game (I don't know Sh*t about anime).

I need to know what it's from and the name of the villain who came up with it and how it is so stupid. Anyway, the more information I get, the better. So far Ive got:

1-Eggman's solar eclipse from Sonic X

2-Cobra's M.A.S.S. Device from GI Joe

3-Will Harangue's spider tank scheme from Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

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