Mystery story set in the video game industry - HELP!:

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Okay guys, I think I have another cool plot bunny. It's a semi-SF, semi-comical mystery story (I'm hesitant to call it a murder mystery at this point, because the details still aren't 100% clear in my head) set in the video game industry. Think Michael Crichton conspiracy plot meets Raymond Chandler narration, plus Jasper Fforde sense of humor. If it all comes out properly, in any case. The amateur sleuth is a formerly popular game designer whose last game was so infamously terrible, it ruined his career. So, kind of like John Romero, only less slimy and reprehensible.

My problem is, I know next to nothing about game design. Can anyone recommend a useful outsider-friendly source for learning about it? I'm interested in what the workplace environment is like at a game company, and the kinds of jobs that people do there; for example, I guess one guy makes 3D models, another guy writes the script, another guy programs the physics engine, etc. Stuff like that.

Thanks in advance! I can share more details if anyone's interested.

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