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In my story I have to describe the second schism of Christianity (which hasn't actually happened) and the first one was called The Great Schism, and I need a name for the second one. Right now I have The Conclusive Schism, but that still does not sound quite right. If anyone can thing of a word that fits this, I would be really thankful!
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First of all, this should go in the writer's block forum. This forum is for discussion of literature works.
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Sorry, I just saw literature and I am not familiar with the rest of tropes as I mainly stay in World Building. Anyway, thanks
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I'm moving this to where it belongs.
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Absolute? Clear? Clinching? Cogent? Compelling? Convincing? Deciding? Decisive? Demonstrative? Determinant? Determinative? Incontrovertible? Indisputable? Irrefragable? Irrefrangible? Irrefutable? Irrevocable? Precise? Resolving? Revealing? Settling? Telling? Ultimate? Unambiguous? Unanswerable? Unarguable? Unconditional? Undeniable? Unmistakable? Unquestionable?

Behold the power of a thesaurus. ;)
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Er...wasn't the Reformation the second schism of Christianity?
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Great Schism 2: Electric Boogaloo?

Or, more seriously, why not something along the lines of the Second Great Schism or somesuch?
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World War 1 was called "The Great War" and "The War To End All Wars" until after we had a second global war and people realised that "Oh, shit, we could end up having lots of these fucking things!" and it got renamed, with the second one being called World War 2.

I would think that the first schism would have originally had it's own "this is the most definitive thing ever" sort of name and then after the second, when the people have woken up, pulled their heads out of their collective arses and realised that there's still potential for people to differ and divisions to form, they'd go with a "Great Schism One", "Great Schism Two" format as you never know when there's going to be a third.

The second schism is far less likely to be thought of as the "last" and "most definitive" than the first is to be thought of as "the only one we'll ever have".

The second of anything like that is generally a rather sobering wake-up call.

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