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The Lower Deck Episode, as described by this very wiki: [i]"An episode focused primarily on otherwise minor characters, using their point of view to give an outsider's perspective on the central plot or characters. Not coincidentally, the principal actors are needed a lot less for this sort of episode than in a typical episode. Lower Deck Episodes usually arise when the crew is behind on their film schedules and have to shoot two episodes at the same time. The main character/s are seldom entirely absent, since they have to get their Mandatory Line in somewhere."[/i]

I'm thinking of trying to write a series mostly if not entirely oonsisting of lower deck episodes. My Dad mentioned one example of this: Downton Abbey. Despite many of them being form the upper class, the characters in that show are very minor. Larger events may affect the characters, but most of the plot is them going about their daily lives while enduring the tumultuosu times that were the first half of the 20th century. Similarly, there is an "Innocent Bystander Series" trope, but that seems to exclusively involve superhero/supervillain type settings. But I'm not entirely convinced that need be the case.

What do you think?

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It sounds like a good idea, but it needs fleshing out to be a series.

The main example I can think of is Wonders of the Universe. I think there's a show that made it onto television that has the idea, but I keep thinking of the wrong name.
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