David Jaffe (God of War) & Jenova Chen (Journey, Flower) Collaboration:

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1 LE0Night3rd Dec 2012 09:14:52 AM from A Realm of Dire Boredom
David tweeted this today, and... I have no idea what to say or think beyond what.

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2 ShirowShirow3rd Dec 2012 09:21:12 AM from Land of maple syrup , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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[up] I agree!

This will either be the most amazing thing ever or the most unintentionally hilarious thing ever.

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He'd want you do be doing something awesome right now.
3 LE0Night3rd Dec 2012 09:26:22 AM from A Realm of Dire Boredom
Jaffe did Twisted Metal too but there wasn't any more room in the title. If there's ever been any collaborators with a more disparate catalogue I can't think of them.
4 Demongodofchaos23rd Dec 2012 02:31:28 PM from Reality , Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
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David Jaffe, aside from a few odd comments (like how Twisted Metal 2012 could help you get laid) is usually a very laid back individual in the Gaming community, and He does help out Santa Monica every now and then despite leaving the company.
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5 vgm23rd Dec 2012 04:56:57 PM from In a room, somewhere.
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[up][up][up] Agreed.
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6 LE0Night4th Dec 2012 03:01:50 AM from A Realm of Dire Boredom
Disappointment They're not making a game, they just sold out, is all. That was sarcasm.
The one in the middle is Lisa Foiles. At least she found more work.

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