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Is there already a thread for this?

After playing Slender this summer(okay played it with a group of friends), I've become more interested in the atmosphere these kinds of games give off. It's definitely fascinating trying to determine clues and reading up on things, creating a slow and thoughtful pace. I admit it can be easy to get frustrated since it can easily delve into clicking frenzies.

I know Clock Tower is a fairly prominent Horror Point and Click, what do you guys think of it?

No I haven't tried Myst yet, but I will...
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Try Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
You absolutely need to try Myst, so that afterwards you can play Riven. Because Riven is beautiful.

Also, Day of the Tentacle. It's my favorite point and click I've played so far, though the Tex Murphy games are brilliant.
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Well, as far as normal P&C's you can;t go wrong with the classics.
Monkey Island
Sam and Max
Day of the Tentacle

all golden

That extends to their modern incarnations as well. Excepting Jurrasic Park, all of Telltale Games' P&C's are just plain awesome.

Amnesia is perfect if you really dig the atmosphere of Slender.
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Point-and-click games are a dime or less (even accounting for inflation between then and now) a dozen in the indie scene. Machinarium is one title that comes to mind. Yahtzee's games too.
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