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Getting rid of old games:

 1 Fuzzy Boots, Sun, 25th Nov '12 4:43:52 PM from Pittsburgh, PA
So, my wife has been complaining about the piles of old C Ds from games past and frankly, she's got a point. I've got two reasons I've been holding onto the games. First, nostalgia. I put a lot of money into buying them and it feels strange to just toss it like that. Secondly, the state of copyright means that any game I get rid of, if I ever feel like playing it again, unless some group like Go G has picked it up, I've got the choice of either shelling out $100+ for the one person with a remaining copy or I have to download it illegally.


 2 Sabbo, Sun, 25th Nov '12 4:50:20 PM from Australia Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Perhaps you should look up which of the games you possess you could re-get legally (for cheap), and only get rid of the hard copies of those?
 3 Shirow Shirow, Sun, 25th Nov '12 6:38:48 PM from Land of maple syrup Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
Saintia SHOU!
Gah! Part of me wants to rush over to your place and propose alternative storage options, but I'll assume well-boxed collections in the closet or under the bed aren't an option.

But yeah, [up] probably has the best solution. Plenty of the classics of yesteryear are available on PSN for download. Keep your hands on the more esoteric titles, the ones that aren't getting a digital release due to lack of interest or copyright issues.

And make sure you take every effort to give your games a good home before trashing them!

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[up] To add, the titles that you can do away with can be sold online for a pretty hefty sum for other collectors to salivate with (I've even read about a gamer who apparently sold his entire video game collection, starting with the classics, for $1 million, I think).
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 5 burnpsy, Sun, 25th Nov '12 9:49:25 PM from Ontario, Canada Relationship Status: Abstaining
The Eternal Fool
I would suggest the "small, tidy box under the bed" option as well, but yeah - try selling the ones you have to let go of.
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