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Video Game Characters You'd go Gay/Straight For?:

I'd go gay for Leliana. She's so sweet. waii
""Fought Nazi Vampires like Badasses" is a fine thing to have engraved on your tombstone." - Shiny Tsukkomi
 27 ABNDT, Sat, 10th Nov '12 8:30:00 AM from where you're not looking
You can't kill a stone....
Can't think of anybody who entices me with the whole package (har!), but if I could switch sides for the voice alone, I'd probably do it for Snake, Vamp, or Garrus.
Panhandling sign glued to hands. Need $5 for solvent.
Yuna from FFX and Elesa from Pokemon. I fangirl countless female characters without a second thought.
Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love The Moon's Eye Plan
 29 eternal Noob, Sun, 11th Nov '12 3:03:30 AM from yer mum Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Scout from Team Fortress 2. He's funny.

Also, Rucks from Bastion. Dat voice.
If you wanna PM me, send it to my mrsunshinesprinkles account; this one is blorked.
 30 Bur, Mon, 12th Nov '12 3:34:14 PM from Flyover Country Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
The system doesn't know you right now, so no post button for you.
You need to Get Known to get one of those.
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