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A specific part of The Onion that makes Youtube videos, with assistance from a grant from Youtube itself (which is why the videos don't appear on the Onion's own site.)

Makers of the surprising deep and involving Sex House, which has its own topic.

This topic's for Trouble Hacking with Drew Cleary, Horrifying Planet, Lake Dredge Appraisal, Porkin' Across America with Jim Haggerty and whatever else they make.
So......Jim Haggerty is turning into a cannibal Pig Man. Hmmm.

Today Now! gets a resolution. Who ever thought that would get an effective Series Finale. (I doubt they'll make more with the new handsome guy.....) Poor Jim Haggerty.

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There's already been a new Today Now! segment with Jim Haggerty, apparently none the worse for wear. Apparently Today Now! works under Negative Continuity.
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