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"Account Has Been Closed":

The Darkest Timeline
Has anyone ever logged into their account to find that it has been mysteriously closed, and all the stories deleted? This happened to me today, with no reason given, and no email announcing it. This seems like a pretty irresponsible way to run a site.

 2 Mort 08, Wed, 5th Sep '12 4:57:49 PM from Oklahoma Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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What site?
[up]Perhaps surprised

Did you send an email to staff help or something?
Alt account of Angeldog 2437.
The Darkest Timeline
Wow, I'm getting fanfiction disease and not editing for sense-making. Yes, I meant

 5 Sessalisk, Thu, 6th Sep '12 9:31:09 AM from Wheeeeeeeee
Apparently they purged a lot of fics that didn't comply to the rating guidelines (porn, excessive gore, trollfics with horrible spelling, etcetera). They also purged some of the accounts that were in violation of those guidelines, and, apparently, they mistakenly deleted a few accounts that had no violations at all. Many of them have been restored since then. If you'd never uploaded any lemons or gorn, you might want to email the people about it. They'll probably put your account back up.

edited 6th Sep '12 9:35:20 AM by Sessalisk

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These guys sound rather hair-trigger, so you'd better wait until after they've done so before chewing them out on the "no warning, no notification" part.
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