Face-to-face game of Runequest in Orange County, California:

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I'm trying to find a couple more players who would be interested in playing Runequest in the Orange County, California area. I live in Irvine, and would probably be GM'ing and hosting at my house.

Runequest is somewhat similar to older editions of D&D - a fantasy world full of swords and sorcery, gritty tactical combat with a decent chance of death, and great reward for those heroic (or foolish) enough to take risks and succeed.

What sets Runequest apart is that it has no classes or levels - your character is defined only by his or her base attributes and skill list. Anyone can learn any skill, and the greatest heroes (known as Runelords) are almost always equally proficient with blade and spell.

If you have any interest at all in this, please post here or send me an email at "bluefenix42 (at) gmail (dot) com"
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