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Fixing daisy chained redirects.:

While working on the Trope Overdosed page, I noticed that if A redirects to B, and B redirects to C, A's wicks aren't included in C's. I'm not quite sure how the inbound count works, but the issue may (or may not) be present there as well.

Also, I'm guessing we don't want to redirect users twice when doing it once would suffice.

While this probably isn't a huge problem, it can be very annoying if/when you're counting/correcting wicks.
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 2 Willbyr, Wed, 30th Jan '13 9:46:51 PM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Unfortunately, there's no set way to be able to track these down outside of stumbling across them.
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Total posts: 2

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