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Stupid Man Suit Wearer
At a mansion by the docks, a young man steps down dejectedly from a short flight of steps down to a short walk way and through a short iron fence to a sidewalk.

“I’ll inform Ms. Irena that you were here, Mr. Gothman. Where can she call on you?” The butler, a stocky and quite ugly man who smelled faintly of fish, called out to Shaun from the doorway. The tonality in his question seemed to imply that he was happy that the young man was leaving, and that he was only addressing him now out of social obligation.

Shaun turned back to the butler and gave a sneer. “Piss off. I’ll come back later.” He took a step forward, causing the butler to take a step back and close the door slightly.

The butler cleared his throat. “V-very well.” With that, he quickly made his way back inside the house and quickly shut the door.

“Well, shit,” Shaun said to himself. “Library’s closed, and I’m not quite tired…” As he walked down the street, he wondered if he could actually get tired, or if it was something that was conditioned in him from “acting” like a human all these years. Things were so frickin’ weird now. It’s not everyday you learn that you’re something completely opposite from what you think you are. In fact, it can be pretty damn traumatizing, if you were cursed with a low constitution.

Shaun continued onward and eventually made his way to the docks. Curiously, the area didn't smell like fish, like the butler had.

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Maria looked behind her, only to see one of those jerks running trying to keep pace, armed with a knife. Did she want to kill him? Yes. Could she take him? Yes. If he died, would his gun-toting buddies come after? ...Yeah, probably.

She decided that this wasn't worth it. That girl would be dead yet, but this all was just too much for one night. Hunger be damned, she'll get back on it tomorrow.

With a long leap, she ascended another apartment building to distance herself from the Rick. Once safely elevated, she gave him a good flipping off.

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"Gah-" The mook Gum-Girl grabbed so abruptly dropped his assault rifle (not that it would help much) and proceeded to scream agonizingly as his flesh gave off a rather charred, unpleasant smell. The two gangsters with the same guns proceeded to toss them in favor of trying to tackle the little girl trying to make a fool of them.

As for the guy with the adhesive gun, he decided to cut and run, grabbing two more and fleeing for the exit. The man on the floor got up and did the same, grabbing a pair of the super guns heading off in a different direction.

"Fina-" Sheathe started, before Stalwart said it for her. "...took the words right out of my mouth."

It was a bit unfortunate for the curator that Sheathe's mask covered her lips, as it would've been apparent that she smiled as he carried her.

Now this, I don't mind.

Without responding to Jordan, Doll started to head in the direction she met with the muted person to check.

"Whoa, hey, Doll, wait up-" Not wanting to be left behind, James followed.

Still, it's some coincidence... Aria briefly wondered if some law of the universe was at fault.

But yeah, sure, why not. When do you want to meet up? Tomorrow?
Damn. Rick shrugged, returned the flipping off, then started walking home.
Stalwart carried himself into an arc up and over the buildings and by extension Darktail, then levelled out and started cruising slowly. He flipped his visor up and started scanning the rooftops for the thief, using the light from his armor as a spotlight. "You want me to let you down, or are you good?" he asked Sheathe.
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"One, that is not how I got my powers. Two, I'm not a vigilante. And three, that sounds like the lamest superhero ever, the way you say it." Chen fired off those responses, then her lip curled into a pout. "I can summon guys worse than that..." She shrugged. "I'm not here to interfere in anyway. I'm just curious, I swear... Did you say choke crooks with-?" Before Chen could make any more headway on that bit of information, a little girl showed up.

Now when Chen was asked by a cute little girl whether Chen was her mother or not, three thoughts fired off in rapid succession. First, an internal squeal of delight at the sheer cuteness of the scenario which thankfully didn't vocalize itself. Second, a primal urge to say yes. As the 'Earthmother' to hundreds of animals around the planet, Chen had a very developed maternal instinct. For a moment even, Chen wondered if the girl had been summoned by her dress from some distant locale.

A fourth thought, then. That all of her prior thoughts had been incredibly stupid. She banished them from her mind as she knelt down to the young girl, careful not to touch her in spite of how cute she was.

"No, sweetie..." Chen's voice was lighter and cheerier, as any parent would speak to their child. "Are you lost?"

Tomorrow sounds good. You know that famous French cafe down on the wharf?

Taya left her computer for a moment, strode into her living room. The fabric pile was still there, along with her machine. A half complete Yukari Yakumo was pinned and draped across her favorite mannequin, which in turn competed for floor space with stacks of DVD's, video games, and her widescreen high definition television. Musing to herself for a moment on her incredibly exaggerated lifestyle, Taya moved aside the mannequin to behold the rack on which she had kept some of her favorite previous costumes. She wondered which one she should wear to the meeting...

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"Well. Um. Thanks. Please tell her the payment will arrive the usual way," said Uagen. "Never. Um. I. Nevermind. Good night."
He waved Dollar off and closed the door.
"No," said the girl. She blinked. "But they took my mommies away. So I want to find them. Have you seen them? And you, Mr. Muscle Guy, have you seen them?"
She looked up to Jet, totally unafraid. He didn't seem like a mean guy to her, and anyway she was sure that if he was she could beat him up.
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Nailed It!
With the deal done, Cornelius started walking back to Gold Dollar Avenue.
"Aw fu-", Jet caught himself, "eeer crying out loud. Do you live around here, kid? You got a name? Your mommies got names?"
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"Umm," said the girl. She put a finger to her lips, thinking. "House's back down that way," — she pointed behind her back — "but mommy isn't there, only Mr. Teilhaber. My name is Tia. Pleased to meet you, Mr. Muscly. And you, Ms. Pretty Dress." That was directed at Chen.
"Mommy was called Trisha. Second mommy didn't have a name, but other people called her..." — she bit her lips, trying to remember — "Flame Spi-rit — what's a Spi-rit? — and Subject 1138-b. They called me Subject 1212. They were mean people, so I beat them up."
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"Uhh, pleased to meet you too, Tia," Jet said uncomfortably. "Look, I'm a policeman - you can call me Jet - so how about I take you back home and we get things sorted out, okay?"
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Stupid Man Suit Wearer
Shaun saw the police lights from a short distance away, and decided to investigate. As he drew closer to the scene, he spied a large…mushroom? The mushroom as surrounded by dead men and several police officers.

“There’s something you don’t see everyday,” he remarked to himself. He took a few more steps closer, attempting to stay out of the police’s sight while they performed their civic duty of…harvesting sapient fungi at gunpoint.

Give the world the best you have and you will get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you have anyway.
Down in the Old part of town, where the Ghetto Ghost roams free, a certain black van pulled up down the street. On the hood was a very ornate skull pattern, and in general it was Pimped Out. Spinning Rims, those cool light things under the car, speakers on the outside, a nonsensical spoiler. The works. As it stopped in the middle of the street, pure swag emanated from it.

The doors opened, and a very ornately dressed skeleton walked out in an exaggerated manner. His black-and-gold hoodie was covered in ornate runes. He carried in his hands a snazzy-looking staff. As he made his way in front of the car, the rest of his posse walked on out, a motley assortment of walking corpses and reanimated skeletons. One such skeleton* handed the microphone to their leader. A steady beat poured forth from the car's speakers as he spoke in a gravely, proud and mildly germanic voice.

"Yo, yo, YOOOOOooo! What is haps, my peasants! I be hearin' there's some gimped ghoul terrorizin' my turf! Goes by "Ghetto Ghost", because everyone knows he truly IS one Ghetto bastard! I am NOT gonna let some restless fool leerin' and fearin' up in my hood! So come on out, and face your future master!"

Madarch had the odd issue of being arrested presented to him. The officer fumbled around with his handcuffs, trying to find a suitable appendage to apprehend. Madarch simply tightened his body to one thin point, and pointed above the collar of his robe. "Try right here, sir. I'm not going to resist arrest or anything." The officer grunted at him as he put it on.

With that, the Amazing Amanita was escorted over to the car. What did he think of tonight? Total Failure. Not a single man apprehended, a weapons shipment raided, the only one that was caught was dead. Madarch felt a bit of remorse on that one. He usually wasn't that angry. Most people don't burn a good portion of him, but that didn't matter. He "dun goofed", to quote something he heard once from some kid. He felt it encompassed the situation well.

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Oh god oh god oh god Jeff had run to Old Town. Screwed, so screwed. His Holocaust Cannons were still functional, but the burns were starting to actually hurt a little. He kept the Cannons primed as he rounded a corner—

Oh thank god.

He raised an arm and waved at the man down the street from him. "Hey! Skeletone, yo, how've you been? Thank god you're here, I just got out of a nasty fight!"
Skeletone looked over at the man coming towards him, and groaned. He didn't exactly like the guy, with his random killing and general aimlessness. The lich felt that he was more of a psychopath than a competent ally. But he was a part of that one caper in Montenegro. Helped alot there. Gotta respect him for that.

As he spoke to Holocaust, he didn't use the "Gangsta" accent as he did with others. "Professor, look, I'm trying to bind something to my will. If you're asking me to come and help you kill some third rate heroes, you better have a good reason." He motioned to the zombie manning the passenger seat to kill the background track.

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"No no no, it's not that." Jeff said, stretching his arms. "I just need someone who isn't immediately interested in my death. If you need to get a binding done, that's fine. I'll just stay here and watch, maybe light it on fire if you fuck up."
Stupid Man Suit Wearer
As the cops’ vehicles cruised past, Shaun kept a low profile, sticking to the shadows. The mushroom man was arrested with little to no resistance. Frankly, he had been expecting a fight as he surmised that the body was the mushroom’s doing.

When the last of the cruisers drove past, Shaun crept out from behind a nearby corner and approached the body that the mushroom had annihilated. The head was completely caved in, no way to make a positive ID (not that he would’ve known who it was anyway).

His breathing got a little heavier as he knelt down beside the body. His hands shook. I’ve had this feeling before. Like I don’t feel right in my own skin… What the hell am I?

Before he could answer himself, his chest exploded in a shower of teeth, tongues, and torn fabric as his body flung itself over the dead man, devouring him whole. The sound of snapping bones and slurping broke the night air.

“S-stop right there!” It seemed that at least one officer had stayed behind to survey the crime scene. He drew his pistol and pointed it at the monstrosity before him.

Seven eyes appeared on the back (or was it the front now?) of the creature. After a moment, they blinked simultaneously as the creature drug itself toward the terrified officer.

“Hold it!” The officer fired two shots which, although they appeared to cause the creature some discomfort, were absorbed by the amorphous monstrosity. Suddenly a pair of tentacles shot out from the creature, gripping the officer and dragging him toward his doom.

In a few seconds, the unlucky officer was no more.

Give the world the best you have and you will get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you have anyway.
"Fine enough, then. And it's nice enough to have you around." Skeletone motioned once more, and two of his thralls walked to the back of the van. Reaching into the eternally blacklight-lit trunk, they grabbed a pair of tackle boxes. "From what I've heard, this one's not something to be trifled with. Some living miasma of spirits. Need all the firepower I can get."

They put down the boxes and opened them, revealing a whole arrangement of what some would describe as "Magical Shit". Some of it glowed, some of it was very colorful, a few choice items were still moving. If you want a extensive primer on alchemy and the art of soul binding, pick up a copy of Alchemy and The Art of Soul Binding: A Extensive Primer*.

Osterhagen personally took out a few baggies of things, and prepared a large circle, arcane, eldritch and glowing slightly. After placing a fancy looking stone in the middle, he handed a little cloth bag to Holocaust. "I need you to close your eyes, open the bag and blow in it. Don't breath it back in."
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Gum-Girl leapt into the air over the mooks, shooting down a large blast of gum to stick them against each other.

"Enjoy your date."

She took off after the armed mooks running away, shooting two strings of gum at them in an attempt to pull them back.

Darktail took off on the rooftops as fast as she could, before bounding down into the dark and secluded alleyways.
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It was in one such dark alley that Darktail ran into a curious sight — a young, purple-haired girl's body hovering in mid-air, seemingly by itself, moving determinedly toward a certain direction. Were she to look at it carefully, or from the corner of her eye, she'd notice that, in fact, the body was carried by another, vaguely humanoid form.
Lutecia (for that was the girl) moaned and 1138-a stopped running. She gently lowered her to the floor, cradling her head in her hand.
"Are you alright, Elder Sister?" she asked quietly.
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Darktail curiously looked at the girls, and ducked behind them to hide.
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Lutecia opened her eyes. She blinked.
"Little sister..." she muttered. Then she smiled. "I... overdid it a little, neh?"
"A little, Elder Sister," agreed 1138-a. "Can you stand?"
Painfully and slowly, Lutecia first sat, then stood up. She staggered, and her sister held her. She made Lutecia lean on her.
"Let's go home," she said.
"But... the tea?" asked Lutecia.
"The golden person said he'd deliver it. As a favour."
"Ah... I think... He's called Dollar or something... Heard of him. Honest man."
Lutecia chuckled tiredly. "Wonder what his reaction to Uagen was."
"The Dark Side is a pathway to digestion problems some consider... unnatural." -Flanker 66
And then a light lit up Darktail and the girls, and Stalwart dropped down, letting go of Sheathe as he did so.

"Darktail, stop." Stalwart warned. "Ladies, you are standing in front of a dangerous criminal and thief. Stand aside, and you can be free to..." He stopped a moment, staring at them. " be honestly fairly average citizens of Radio City, all things considered."
"Rad." Jeff closed his eyes and blew into the bag, then pinched the bag shut. "You presumably want this, right?" he said, taking his mouth away from the bag.
There's a French cafe by the wharf? Well, I guess I can just Google it...

Would you happen to remember the name?

Should I be in costume too? Just look for the gal with the labcoat and goggles!


Hey, are you AFK?

Dude, say you're going AFK before you do!

It makes me look stupid sending all these messages!

Um, hello?

The men charging at Gum-Girl tried to stop themselves from the shot, but were a bit too late, colliding into each other and getting stuck. As for the two men running away, they were a bit more evasive, turning to the side to avoid Gum-Girl's string shots before heading out the exits of the warehouse on opposite sides - Gum-Girl would only be able to pursue one of them.

Being let go by the knight, Sheathe drew one of her blades and stood by him without a word.
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Darktail looked at the Lutecia and her sister, then up at Stalwart and Sheathe. She pulled out a smoke bomb and threw it on the ground, covering the entire small, narrow alley in think smoke. She bounded out into the streets.

"I need a safe hiding place. I can't go home until they're off my tail."

Gum-Girl took after the mook going left. She caught up to him pretty easily, shooting out a line of gum, and pulling up to him, kicking him to the ground. She stood on top of him, and jumping up and then back down right on his stomach.

She got off and shot him with gum to stick him to the ground.

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Stalwart shrugged, slapped his visor open again, and heaved his spear, launching over the two women out into the street. "She stole from the Radio City Museum! Stop her!" he yelled, scanning the street with his spotlight-face. "Smoke won't do much to a man who doesn't need to breathe!"
"Yes, yes. For something of this scale, I need someone who can actually breathe on things." He pocketed the bag, and looked back at Antisemitic-Named Man. "Now, then. I guess all we can do is wait. Unless you have a better idea for ghost baiting, yea?"

Madarch studied his surroundings from the holding cell, safely confined at the Radio City police department. Just about 20 minutes or so, and he would be interrogated. He wanted to get out, badly. The fact that he doesn't have an American super-license* will not hold him here for long, there is still evil roaming about and things to do! No true trickster of his caliber would let due process take effect!

The escape itself would be easy enough, one part because he can easily fit through the bars; the other because he never filled out his registration paperwork. Because of this, not a single one of these people knew the true power he held. His imagination ran wild as he came up with quite a few solutions to this. A sudden atom bomb warning, requiring evacuation? Fire springs up as Satan himself comes and scares everyone? A squad of nubile human women come along for no discernible reason? Well, yes, they would work. Mostly. Blindness would do.

It wasn't very pleasant, though. Being blind causes people to become very frightened, it seems. Everyone in there seemed to be either screaming, crawling along the ground, tumbling about or just about to join in the screaming. Yes, not pleasant. The fungus realized that he would probably get sued by over a hundred people on grounds of Emotional Distress. Whatever. The surveillance cameras caught him walking out, he knew. He would have to walk about incognito. Like a band on the run. Acting like a smooth criminal.

Madarch decided to moonwalk into the streets, as he made his vigilantehood official.

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