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As her next meal started running, Maria was easily able to keep pace with her as she ran across the rooftops. However, the streets were alive with activity this night. Some were simply enjoying a night that was cooler than usual, most were in cars commuting back home. Whatever the case was, the girl seemed smart enough to keep on the populated streets.

Corner was unhappy that her food was going to be delayed, but being identified in the papers as a cannibalistic serial killer was going to be worse. If she doesn't do something stupid, Maria felt it was fine to stalk her. Maybe something easier would come along.
Gah, forgot about the mooks at the docks.

Another mobster fell to Alpha-3's shots as the remaining three retreated for their car. They were in the parking lot and just about there when Alpha-6's came in and ran over two of the guys.

FUCK! Suddenly finding himself the last one still alive, the last mook very, very hastily got into his getaway vehicle and started the engine... only to see the approaching lights of police cars in the rear view mirror.

Son of a... these better be more stupid illusions! Turning the key in the ignition, the thug backed up before speeding off.

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The bullets the the mooks loaded into the little girl's body just continued to shoot into her, creating holes, but no blood. But then something happened. Her entire body started to blow up like a balloon until she...


All the bullets shot into her shot back out in all directions, firing at the mooks.

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Alpha-3 recoiled in pain and shock from the flashbang, and retaliated by firing wildly at the monster trying to pounce him.

Meanwhile, Alpha-2 squeezed into the car and made a quick exit from the scene, taking multiple side routes and an otherwise extremely complex route to make it off the docks. Two of the Ricks grabbed Alpha-2's stolen guns and started examining them, passing fistbumps all around.
"Thank you, Sheathe." Stalwart said, seemingly completely unbothered by a faceful of Darktail crotch. "So, seen any good movies lately, Sheathe? I've been watching a ton on Netflix in my spare time."
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Being handed the notepad and pencil Jordan smiled and nodded in thanks... however just as they started to write Doll introduced herself and extended her hand. Jordan instantly tried to hold her hand... but they were holding a pencil on that one so they had to pass the pencil to the other one before they could shake their hand, meeting her smile with one of their own.

After that, they wrote in a nice if a little ancient looking handwriting a simple note 'I'm Jordan. Jordan Sam Micaiah. It's a pleasure to meet you'

Rosette continued to run... going through busy streets more out of instinct than a conscious choice all the way until she turned into a more empty side street... a single block she had to run before she reached her apartment.

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After he was satisfied that he had sprayed enough of the building that the fire wouldn't spread dramatically, Cornelius stood up, and got away from the hydrant before the firemen could show up and complain about his... field modifications.... to the fire hydrant.

When he was far enough away, he stopped and looked at the bag. The note claimed it was two-hundred grams of gunpowder tea - well, at least the girl wasn't lying about running a business - and was made out to a Mr. Zlepe. The address itself was fairly close - a short walk, and he would be there.

A short walk later, he was there. He knocked on the front door.
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Madarch managed to take a spray of the stuff to some of his tentacles. As it stuck to them, it burned and shriveled them into non-usability. It was quite a bit of pain, enough to break his characteristic goofiness. He felt a bit more malice than usual.

"Oh, thanks, man! Cover me in burning shit, will you? Those were my FAVORITE. LIMBS." He grabbed him by the head and lifted him up. The illusionist started to slam him into the ground, shouting with each fall. "Why. Don't. I. Re. Pay. THE. FAVOR!"

The police pulled into the docks, sirens blaring. Some import hero just called in what looked like a number of men messing about with experimental weapons. Considering the gunshots he heard on the way, looks like they prepared correctly.

As they rounded the corner to the scene of the crime, the scene was a bit odd and grisly. A number of dead men laid about, and in the middle was some...thing. Beating a man senseless.

They jumped out of the car, and shouted at them. "Freeze! Hands behind your heads, drop your weapons!" The mushroom immediately complied, dropping the man on the ground.

As Rosette ran along down the street, her assailant did not notice a single soul that could observe this. As she realized how sweet this moment was, demonic glee filled her heart. Oh, yes. No more waiting. She's right there, alone. Alone alone alone alone! Now's the time!

She jumped down from the roof and landed behind her. Masking her steps from perception, she ran up and tried to grab her from behind, holding a knife to her throat. She growled into her ear. "Run and struggle more, and I'll make sure it wont be any fun for either of us."

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The Ricks nodded in approval as one of their number was killed, reduced to a concussed and fucked-up mess. Great. Alpha-6 slowed to a cruising pace and started heading for home, watching the city fly by. All in all, quite the ni—oh hey that girl is getting mugged!

Two girls, in fact, one well-dressed and the other dressed like a hobo. He stopped, and the five Ricks stepped out of the car, three of which holding the guns, one with a knife and the final one unarmed. Two of which had severe scars across their faces, but the rest looked identical.

"Hi there." Alpha-6 said, jabbing his knife in the girls' direction. "It's been a long night for us, we're feeling like we need to prove we're better than someone else too. You're gonna stop mugging her, or we're gonna fuck your shit up. Understood?"
Corner looked on in a bizarre mixture of anguish, confusion, hunger, anger, annoyance and quite a few other emotions as the group walked into their little private moment. A group of heavily armed, strangely identical men. A strong oath came out of her mouth as it dawned on her that she wouldn't get to eat tonight. Maybe I offed someone important, she thought, or this is the daughter of someone big. Why would some senator or crime lord's daughter would be hanging about in a dump?

She tried to focus as she realized two things: Her facial features were still visible, and the knife was still held to the girl's throat. With a fluid motion she both flipped the knife back in and stuffed it in her jacket pocket. "I hope you pick better hangout spots nextime, girl," she said as she backed away from them all. She then turned around and hightailed it, simply running as to not raise the ire of the lethally armed thugs. She wasn't done yet. Not by a longshot. Just stalled and really pissed.

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Hmm, so she can do that. Good to know, the Thespian mused as he drove off, leaving his men to handle Gum-Girl on their own.

Speaking of which, the three men who fired covered their faces as bullets flew out in all directions, pelting their bodies. Thankfully for them, the force of the blown back bullets weren't nearly the same as if they were being shot at, so while they might have lots of little bruises as a result, they weren't dying anytime soon.

Angrily, one of the armed men once again took aim at Gum-Girl. "You little bi-"

"Hey, dumbass, didn't you see what she just did to our bullets?!" another responded, lowering the man's barrel.

As for the two near the crate, they had managed to open it, grabbing one of the fancy tech guns before the bullet explosion, knocking one of them aside while the one with the gun ducked behind the crate. He was just as annoyed as the first guy and once the bullets stopped flying, he got up and fired a glob of searing adhesive at the little superheroine.

...that's a bit of a mouthful.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Jordan," James said with a bit of a silly smile, an odd thought floating in his mind. "Anyway, thanks for helping make... whoever that was... back off."

After Doll shook Jordan's hand, James offered his own.

Are we really going to talk about this?

"...a few," Sheathe replied. "Though I'm starting to feel the superhero fad has overstayed its welcome."
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Rosette had been fishing in her head for a way to escape her predicament... the shadow magic bubbling inside of her, just asking for a point of release... an image to manifest into the world. Still, Rosette's fear as she was held with a knife on her throat blanked her mind of any ideas... so she remained still until her unlikely rescuers showed themselves.

Then... the monster was gone and Rosette fell to her knees, shivering in complete and unrestrained fear and horror.

Jordan shook the Detective's hand as well before they quickly wrote 'What was that person?'
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"Possibly." Stalwart commented. "It's not going to stop me from being Stalwart, but it'd be nice if we were just, you know, people who fight crime, instead of these bizarre mythological characters that people want us to be. You know, like Hedy Lamarr here." he jabbed a finger at Darktail's butt. "You can tell, she's doing it because she likes being Super, because she likes being a character. A fad's totally what it is, though, simply people trying to be cool, ending up in the hospital because the person they're facing is actually a dangerous pyromaniac who won't hesitate to murder." Stalwart sighed in exasperation at kids these days.
Alpha-4-Alpha, armed with a knife, took off after Corner. The rest of Multiplayer nodded to Rosette.

"Yeah, by the way, you're welcome." An unscarred Rick, Alpha-4-Beta said condescendingly. He walked up to her and extended a hand. He didn't smile. "Name's Multiplayer. Any reason that chick wanted to take you out that I should know about?"

Meanwhile, Multiplayers Alpha-5 and Alpha-5-Alpha had quickly worked their way through the jewelry store and were on their way through the city, casually sauntering down the sidewalk.
"Well, um, I'm not really sure myself," the detective fully admitted. "But it's something you need to worry about; it's a problem for me and, um, Doll to handle."

Guess I can't call her "Jane Doe" anymore now, can I?


Doll looked away, concern etched into her expression. She didn't want to drag James and Jordan further into this than she already had... but she was afraid to face the dollmaker alone as well. Then she remembered something.

"Oh. You dropped your groceries and left them on the sidewalk when I bumped into you. I'm sorry; you should go get them."

"Actually, I meant the superhero fad in movies," Sheathe commented. "Though you're right, the super fad is bothersome too. Too many people jump into it without knowing what they're getting into. I'll admit to joining for the excitement, but I already knew the risks and try to come prepared, not half-assed with a latex suit ordered from Amazon, no gear, and useless or no superpowers."

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Isn't it amazing, now I have princess wings!

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Wise Papa Smurf, corrupted by his own power. CAN NO LEADER GO UNTAINTED?!
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The rabbit didn't struggle or squirm, it merely watched as it's summoner spoke. Chen was similarly nonchalant:

"Yeah, he's mine. Cute, ain't he?" She raised an eyebrow slightly. "What do you mean, dressed like this? I'll have you know that this dress is very special to me!" She held an indignant silence for a moment, then returned to the matter at hand. "I'm merely a concerned citizen sir. Whenever the police get involved in things in this city, it's almost always something sinister that will probably get people hurt. In fact, even when the police don't get involved that's typically the case," Chen mused. "I'm sure you understand, sir?"

Even while she was speaking Chen was slowly undoing the binding that kept the rabbit in an environment alien to it, just in case. She didn't want the animal to be hurt or killed for no good reason.

Uh, I was asking about the robot girl you're hankering after in real life.

Taya then thought about it for a moment. This was a chance for some real life mischief- not of the lethal kind, since Taya only did that when there was pay involved- and possibly even a fellow cosplay buddy. Taya was a cosplayer, and a fairly good one in her own opinion. It was one of her more expensive weird hobbies, though all her hobbies combined still couldn't eat a dent in her illicit fortune. There was a literally ceiling-high pile of fabric in one corner of her living room, not to mention the extremely tricked out sewing machine and notions.

In the end, she decided to take the plunge. Not every person on the internet could be a superpowered idiot that would put her life on the line.

You willing to do something unnecessarily elaborate? I might have some stuff to help you along with that outfit. Free of charge if you live in Radio City. I'll even pay you for the photos.

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Dollar would need to knock a few times before there was any answer, but at last someone opened the door. And a very peculiar someone too; while his proportions were human, he was covered in green fur, sported a long tail, and in general looked like a monkey. He peered sleepily at Dollar.
"Um. Uhm. Who. Um. Who are you?" he asked.
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Like I said, it's not a fetish for me!!

If anything, I'd want to be a robotgirl, not be in the market for one!

...ah crap, I said too much, didn't I?

Aria scratched her chin in embarrassment. Yeah, she was a bit of a tech geek, and she didn't keep it a secret, but still.

Hmm? Unnecessarily elaborate? Like what? ...and you're in Radio City too? What, is like half the internet from this place?
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Not any more than I've said already.

A moment while her fellow chatmate typed out responses.

I'd be wearing a disguise and I'd need you to meet me in a nondescript cafe in a corner of town. I'm big on privacy.

And I've been friends with people outside of Radio City. This is pure coincidence. So you in?

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"Just your delivery-boy," Cornelius told the "man" at the door, all the while telling himself not to ask any questions about the other's green fur and tail. "Your order, sir - Gunpowder Tea, two-hundred grams," he added, sticking his hand with the bag of tea out towards him.
Jet watched as the rabbit faded from his hands. "Oh, you're one of those," he said. "Let me guess - Magician's assistant, you touched something you shouldn't have, and now you're a vigilante who fights crime by throwing rabbits and doves at people. I've seen it a million times, lady; it usually doesn't end pretty. Go home, and leave this to the professionals. Or at least the guys who can choke crooks with their minds."

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Uagen blinked sleepily and took the bag.
"Um. Thanks." He scratched himself, then blinked. "You're, um, not, uhum, a worker of Lutecia. Um. Yes. Is she. Probably. What I. Is She alright?"
A little girl, no more than ten years old, with long, golden hair and red eyes approached Jet and Chen. She looked at Chen and tilted her head.
"Are you my mommy?" she asked.
"The Dark Side is a pathway to digestion problems some consider... unnatural." -Flanker 66
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"She's fine," Cornelius told the man. "She's doing something with her sister. Just be glad you found a tea shop that makes deliveries this late."
Jet sighed as the girl approached. He couldn't figure out if it would be better for the woman to be her neglectful mother, or for the little girl to be abandoned.
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"Fuck this. The gem can wait."

Darktail shot out a line, hooking to the wall, and swinging into another large showroom. She smashed over glasses cases and took the royal jewelry within, stuffing them in her costume.

"You won't miss these, I'm sure! I'll be back for the Eye! But tonight, you win!"

She gave Sheathe a wink before swinging out of the hole she made in the ceiling, and started to run on all fours, bouncing off the rooftops.

Gum-Girl shot out her hand, and it stretched, grabbing a mook's leg. She swung him around herself at the searing adhesive.
"Oh man, finally." Stalwart said. He unlocked himself and placed the Eye of Horus back, then grabbed Sheathe with his shield arm and hefted his spear. "We're going after her."

With that, Stalwart heaved the spear into the air, flying after Darktail, through the hole in the ceiling, and up into the air.
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"S-S-Sh s-said... I-I smelled good..." says Rosette as she takes hold of Rick's hand, her own hand trembling a lot. Then tears started as it should be expected off a teenager that has just been chased by a horror and held with a knife to her throat.

Jordan started writing at an incredibly quick pace once the Detective said that they shouldn't concern themselves with their problems. They would have presented a four page refutation of that way of thinking were it not for Doll's mention of the groceries.

'T-The groceries! Think they will still be there?'
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Oh god oh god what do you do oh god—Renegade interrupt! Just like Mass Effect 2! Rick grabbed Rosette forward and hugged her. "Hey, it's okay. It's okay. Let's get you to a hospital." The Ricks currently holding rifles popped open the trunk and tossed the guns in. Wouldn't want to scare her, after all. The Rick hugging Rosette held open the door for her. "Come on, get in."

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