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"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
"P-private reasons?" Rosalie asked, lowered her hands away from her ears as she recovered from the screeching. She folded her arms, now, looking somewhat disappointed with Minato. Why was he being so difficult about this? It was just a simple question. "So private that you work with a partner on them? I hardly believe you in that case. Please, tell the truth, it's all I'm asking. I'm beginning to think you have something to hide."

Maylene stood in silence beside Rosalie.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
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"Oi, oi, no touching!" Kumiko grumbled, backflipping off the zombie's head and landing beside Shujiko, tails bunched close together rather than fanned out as they normally were. She could tell that her illusions currently weren't working on the girl; it wasn't much of a problem in and of itself, since she could restore them just by dispelling and reapplying the things, but it would raise too many questions. Also, she didn't want Shujiko to bleed to death.
"Monsters?" Yuki asked, uncertain as she ran alongside Momoko, slamming into a lamppost at one point but shaking it off due to Mr. Teddy and continuing regardless. She could beat monsters but it was dangerous and... one person wasn't good for aiming, it was easier with two people, one on either side of her.
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Letting go of his )very fine) load atop one of the roofs, Fang smiled before gravity took over. "This one shall see you soon, young miss." Falling toward perhaps what would be a heroic sacrifice for most other people, the dragon simply nocked back an arm. "Dragon Fist: Waterfall Splitter." Intoning and exhaling, the boy suddenly performed a sudden downward slicing motion with his right limb forming a knife hand.

A second after nothing seemingly happened, one of the giant centipede's popped into a pair of perfectly bisected halves. "This one is sorry to have taken your life, but in this world, one must be kill or be killed. A danger to humanity must be taken care of." Lamenting the usage of his technique, Fang rotated on his heel to face the other beast, assuming a slightly crouching stance with his right hand upturned and the other one held squarely behind his back.
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Kokoro floated over to the nearest roof and unraveled the makeshift parachute to landed there, forming a spring with his scarf to cushion his fall. As soon as his feet touched the ground he took off running, hopping over various fixtures with ease and jumping across the gaps between each building, while never letting go of his ice cream. He had no idea where he was headed but all he knew was that he was running towards the closest presence of energy and the sound of skittering legs.

Soon he was looking down at the giant centipedes, and saw one of them get chopped in half, "Ewww, so that's what they look on the inside.", he said before putting his mask on and climbing down the wall, using the scarf to hold the tub of icecream. Spotting the other centipede below him, he cocked the scarf end holding the ice cream and fired it toward the head of the giant bug, "Forgive me Jerry!", he yelled after the tub of vanilla as it splattered over its face.

Using the distraction, he jumped onto its back and got to work. A sharp serrated chain shot out of the scarf and wrapped itself around the bug's head, before it began reeling back into the scarf. The effect was like a chainsaw as the blades decapitated the monster.
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The Sword of the Morning
Sho gripped the Derringer tightly, feeling slightly less useless and defenseless. Now he could kill seven spiders. Which was probably half or less the amount Kameyo had killed so far.

Well at least he was less likely to die to what were apparently quite mundane spiders, even if they were abnormally large, and streaming forward in a wave from a glowing black portal.

Okay, so they weren't that mundane. Still, the point stood.

Finally hitting upon an idea to be useful, Sho pulled out his wallet, gripping the Derringer awkwardly in his other hand. He poured a small pile of loose yen coins into his hand, and thrust the spare change at Kameyo.

"Here." He said, smiling somewhat proudly at his idea. He indicated the coins, then the spider. "Use these."
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"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Kameyo flashed a quick smile at the boy, before snatching the coins out of his hand and priming another railgun spell. The magic circles ignited around her arm again, with every going now suspended in the palm of her hand. "Thanks!"

Quickly facing the spiders once more, she leveled her arm at them. Multiple coins at once was a bit of a first, but there were targets right in front of her and really, what better way to try it out?


Another crack, and every coin was fired at once. They tore through and grazed several spiders each, before each leaving a deep crater in the ground and tossing several spiders aside.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
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The Silly Gloom
It's getting rather hectic outside.

Theo noticed, of course. The announcement, the full-on alert, however strange and out of place it sounded, he'd been stuck here at the shooting range for hours now, though the man didn't expect the invasion to begin so soon. He miscalculated. But he miscalculated so many things in life before. This was just a small mistake to make. He put the headphones up to cover his ears, just in case some trickier fiends appeared. With no more time to hesitate, Theo walked out of the training room, and headed straight to the front entrance of the HQ.

"Why, my lovely, burn them all."

"They shriek the same when you roast them."

Chunks of dreaded giant spiders flying around in the air. Impressive, she thought to herself. A buckshot of coins? Her father would have been proud. Alas, it wasn't her doing. It was Kameyo's. Gold Gunner, that's a familiar name, and face. Somehow, she knew the girl would be the leading personnel of tonight's defense. For the rookies, anyway.

Marinette approached the four from behind. Getting there in the first place required quite a lot of work, but that couldn't be helped, the woman supposed. She moved quickly in her black sack dress, almost camouflaged completely by the shadow of the night, and stopped when she's just a few steps away from the group.

"...fiends from the portal of shadow?" Without introduction, without proper communication to even tell the group what she planned to do, Marinette opened her beloved notebook. "Allow me."

"The vengeance of old. The warrior long forgotten. To my aid."

"...Arcane Lance"

In mere seconds, the air around Marinette moved slightly in a direction that certainly wasn't natural. Mist of dark purple substance formed around her, like spider web spun from from ink. But before it could wrap her completely, the incantation ended. With her eyes dead set at the spiders before the group, she sent out a wave of energy. A wave that formed and turned into what looked like a lance, made of pure arcane energy. It travel past the group and headed for the closest of the remaining spiders, aiming to pierce it, and any of its kin behind.

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Sachiko gazed at the girls, unsure what to make of them. Well, the kitsune was probably strong despite her looks and that samurai girl could probably put up a decent fight if she held back enough. That last girl though...

"Hmph, what's wrong with her?" the nekomata asked, pointing a sword at the group, "If she's not going to fight, she should take a seat. I don't want to waste my time on someone that's too freaked out just from that."
Momoko winced when Yuki ran into the lamppost. She knew the child would be fine thanks to her teddy, but it was still unpleasant to see. She mentally chastised herself for not paying enough attention to where the blind girl was going.

"Yes, but it's fine, I'm sure they've already sent everyone out to stop them." the white haired girl replied. After a short pause, she added, "Besides, if we run into anything, your onee-chan will protect you."
As the bullets, coins, magical spears and other attacks rained down on the spiders, their numbers began to thin. They were still coming, but they seemed more manageable. Shin and any others that entered the alleyway would notice a strange, unnatural humming noise from around a corner.
"Ah! H-hey, don't try to take me out of the-"

Alex just stared at how easily the centipedes were taken down. Well, if it was that easy, they wouldn't have been worth his time anyway. As if the world had read the crossdresser's mind and agreed that the 'fight' was far too easy, two more of the monsters appeared. However, they were larger, faster and their carapaces seemed different somehow.

Rather than waiting around to be told to stay out of the way, the Brit leapt from the roof, flapped his wings to gain some altitude and charged towards the monstrous arthropods. As he descended upon the head of the beast, his fist became shrouded in purple flames. The punch connected, cracking the monster's natural armour. In response, the creature whipped its head around, sending the boy careening through the window of a nearby building.

It seemed these were tougher than the last two.
Jolted out of her reverie, Shujiko was a tad confused about what was being said to her. After a moment, she registered Ryuuzaki's and the catgirl's words, and quickly became defensive.

"H-hey, I'm not freaked out!" She cried out, a slight blush rising on her face. "I-I'm... it's a three-on-two! It's an unfair fight! I don't like unfair fights!"

Which was certainly true. And since Ryuuzaki and Kumiko were here... well, even if Shujiko were to join in, it'd be like kicking those two while they were down.

Shiro, now free of the kitsune, stepped to Sachiko's side, surveying the group. Or rather, the naked kitsune. Wasn't she wearing clothes, like, two seconds ago? Where did they go? Why was the kitsune shamelessly walking around like that?

the zombie found it hard to focus on looking scary or intimidating in this situation.

"...Sachi, since when did ATLAS employ nudists...?" Shiro asked, looking rather confused.

"...Can I ask why you want to know so badly?" Minato asked with a shrug. "You seem a bit too interested in my daily affairs. Would you believe me if I said I was looking for cute girls?"

As if to prove this latest claim, Minato stepped a little closer to Maylene. And that was it. Proximity was clearly enough to prove that Minato was totally seeking cute girls for... reasons.

If Alice weren't a little busy, she wouldn't have minded punching him on Rosalie's and Maylene's behalf.

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"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Kameyo grinned, and rushed ahead. There was a fairly clear path through the spiders, and already she was pulling out her next bit of ammo from her bag: A smaller length of pipe. The magic circles ignited around her arm once more, the pipe suspending itself as she hurried forward...


The next movements were very, very quick. Maylene suddenly had a knife in her hand, having withdrawn it from her uniform in and instant. In only a second more, the tip was just a hair's breadth away from Minato's throat. Maylene could easily just move it forward slightly and end his life. But her hand was steady. Her expression, however, had changed. From the calm and reserved look before, to one of anger.

"You will leave now, and never look at my pure and innocent mistress again," she said, her voice remarkably calm, "Or I will puncture your windpipe and from there remove your esophagus, before severing your head entirely from your body."

Rosalie stared a moment, before waving her hands and giving an apologetic smile. You could practically see the large sweatdrop dripping from her forehead. "Ah-hah, Maylene, I do not believe that was what he meant. Such actions will not be necessary."
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
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"Shuji-chan's just a pervert," Kumiko said dismissively, slouching intentionally and looking for all the world like she wouldn't be able to respond in time to an attack. This, of course, was a deliberate ruse to throw the enemies off and make it easier to take them out so she could get to the sushi. The sushi, after all, was why she was out here in the first place and she didn't want any interference from completely random girls to spoil her dinner.

Even if one of them was a nekomata.
"That's good," Yuki said happily, hoping they were close to home. She was beginning to run out of breath so... if they were lucky, they'd be able to get back to HQ without running into anything mean. Wanting to know how far it was, she once again started examining her 'sister's' thoughts.
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"Young Miss!" Distraught that the girl had somehow hankered back down (though he was pleasantly surprised to see that she had magical powers), Fang paused to eye the new demons. They felt... different. More dangerous. Perhaps now was the time to bring out his blade. He had to end this fast to aid the nice girl, as his mother had raised him to properly treat women.

Popping a hidden scale on his forearm open, he retrieved the a simple yet very well made Chinese straight sword. "This one apologizes for being the shadow of death..." And then he blurred into action, aiming a powerful slash towards one of the joints in the armored segment. "Dragon God's Kitchen: Fillet."
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The Sword of the Morning
Sho bit his lip, smiling. It had worked. How unexpected. The power of spare change at it's finest. And from now on, he finally had away to get rid of all his useless one yen coins: just give them to Kameyo, and she'd... do whatever it was she did with them. Railroad slingshot of doom or something like that.

He poked his head out nervously from behind Shin. The alley showed signs of being empty, but from around the corner, something set his teeth on edge. A low humming or vibration, he could hear it, feel it.

He shuddered slightly, and checked again for spiders. He couldn't find any.

Apparently he was out of excuses.

With a sigh, he stepped out from behind Shin and followed Kameyo into the alley. He kept close. After all, she could actually do stuff. And he, well...

At least he had more change.
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Shin looked around. He'd dispersed some Spiders, but Kameyo had a much higher kill count. Where she was able to freely disperse change, he'd be caught off guard and was saving his shots for this.

Shin hated being caught off guard. You win battles by catching your opponent that way and forcing them to give ground.

Being caught off guard himself?

He was already a disadvantage, this served only to compound things. At very least it made him wonder what exactly ATLAS was good for.
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"Oh? Well if you just want to sit back and watch us slice up your friends, that's fine. Just don't expect the other 'monsters' you fight later to care about something as stupid as whether or not you want to fight." the nekomata replied, glaring at Shujiko. She glanced at Kumiko. The kitsune was leaving herself in a vulnerable position, either she'd slept for most of the past millenium or it was a painfully obvious trick. These were this year's recruits? They were pathetic. Well, the samurai seemed competant at least.

"Nudists? What are you talking about, Shiro-chan?" she asked, giving her undead companion a rather confused look.
Okay, we're almost there, just up here, past the pizza parlour and a right at the end of the street...

"Yuki-chan, are you okay to keep going at this pace?" Momoko asked the younger girl, a hint of worry in her voice.
The blade bit deep into the centipede's flesh. The injured beast quickly whipped around, trying to use its massive bulk to send the dragon boy crashing towards the ground. Judging by how it looked at the moment, it probably wouldn't be able to survive another hit.

Unleashing a string of profanities, Alex staggered to his feet. The now bloodied crossdresser took a moment to assess his injuries, his left arm was...broken? Or maybe it was just dislocated. Either way, it hurt like hell. The cuts from the glass weren't exactly pleasant either. Taking to the air again, he decided to find something to distract himself with. Namely, incinerating the filthy bug that was responsible for his injuries. A truly frightening grin appeared on his face as he approached his target.

The monstrous centipede made its move, attempting to devour the recently tenderised Brit.

"I'm not on the menu, you worthless piece of shit!" Alex yelled, flying out of the creature's reach, "Here's a good last meal for you though!" He launched a stream of purple flame into the creature's mouth. Sure, the carapace had been too much, but he doubted the monster's insides were as well protected.

As the centipede fell to the ground, its insides slowly burning, Alex simply laughed at the creature's pain. "What's wrong?" he spat, "Not so fucking tough now, huh?"
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State of Mind
Rudy cocked his ear in the direction of the dull humming sound coming from the end of the alley. "You hear that?" he asked his fellow rear combatant. Judging from the look on Shou's face, he already had though.

He followed Kameyo and the shorty down the alleyway, gun held low and ready, towards the source of the noise. He moved slowly, looking every direction for any spiders waiting to ambush the little squad. What was behind that trashcan? Was there something on that rail? Did that cardboard box just move? Rudy really wished he had more than a handgun right now. At the very most, the only supernatural power of his that could be useful at the present was making his hands glow, which they started doing as they crept down the increasingly darker alley.

Turning around the corner, he stopped and stared at the source of the vibrating humming.

And it's a long way forward, so trust in me. I'll give them shelter, like you've done for me
Feeling a tad insulted, Shujiko argued with the nekomata, forgetting her earlier embarrassment. "Hey! If you want me to beat you up too, I'll do it! I was just trying to save you from super omega overk- I'M A WHAT?!" Shujiko suddenly yelled, face glowing a bright red as she turned on Kumiko. "I-I'm not a pervert! Where'd you get that idea?!"

Shiro, giggling at the youkai's flustered actions, pointed once more at the kitsune. "Nudist! You know, someone like you, except they don't stop at forgetting their undies! How can you not see?"


Minato didn't seem too bothered by the knife and accompanying threat. Mostly because he seemed to have difficulty changing expression. He was most definitely scared. And all he did was call the maid cute... hm, maybe she really, really hated perverts. Maybe he should not lie about that, then.

"...I'm not a pervert." Minato pointed out.

Meanwhile, Alice floated back to their location, with a thoughtful look. "Hey, Minato, we'd better-"

Seeing the situation at hand, Alice sprung into action. Speeding to her human companion's side, she began aiming many punches at Maylene. All of them passing through the maid's body.

"Don't you dare kill him you evil villainous demon I'll stop you right here Minato run!" Alice yelled, continuing her assault. Minato simply watched for a second, requesting, "Could you not hurt her? She's just confused, Miss."

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