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1 MajorTom4th May 2012 04:52:52 AM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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I'm trying to get a comparison in price for refurbishing my old bicycle of 17 years (adult-sized) vs buying a new one. I have an ad deal for a brand new one from Sports Authority for 200 bucks however the amount of fixes needed to my existing bike can be counted on one hand. Specifically new pedals and gears, new shifter, new chain, and maybe rebuilding the brakes. (Most of this stuff wore out just in the last month.)

I'm considering refurbishment because the bike I have has a lot of sentimental value among other things. So would a simple refurbish cost less than a new or should I just retire the old? (I'd like to know by tomorrow which might be the better option since that's when the ad deal runs out of time.)

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2 TamH704th May 2012 10:09:05 AM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
If the frame, bottom bracket and wheels are in good nick, bin the rest and refurb. Don't just walk into a bike shop and say "Suntour/Shimano/Campagnolo! Oh Shiny!" Research first. Get a complete set of brakes, gears, chainset, shifters and levers only if it makes sense. There is no use being a complete label whore, I should know, I used to be one, 8-)

If your wheels are stuffed, get hand-built ones if you can afford them. If not, get the best pre-built ones you can afford with your budget and get your bike shop to true them.

And make sure you can trust the bike mechanic if you are not doing the job yourself.

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