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Big Bang Age
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Big Bang Age:

Still not quite sure how this is going to work, so this is a bit of a test thread.

Big Bang Age is on the Content Violation Report page, and the work page does mention that it has sex scenes, but the description and examples make it seem very tame, and focused on the alien invasion-esque plot.

Anyone played this and can chip in?
 2 Raidouthe21st, Wed, 25th Apr '12 6:14:36 PM from Absolutely whacking your friends Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
U Jelly?
I know this game is related to a fighting game spinoff called Big Bang Beat...

...Aside from that, haven't played it personally...what I'm gleaning from the few reviews I can find (well, really mostly one, link NSFW beware) is that the game focus is on character interaction aka the talky click based gameplay and turnbased strategy gameplay, and that a good dose of the sexual scenes are completely optional.

So, I'd say "focused on the alien invasion-esque plot" is pretty darn accurate.

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[up] The blog you linked to keeps redirecting to "" after a second or two, at least for me.

I can answer your questions. This game contains an immense amount of sex scenes. However, they are not the focus of the story. The plot of the game focuses on reunifying Japan after a portal to Hell opened and gave everyone supernatural powers rather than the protagonist's sex life. So far as I can tell, the large amount of sex is primarily there because the writers seem to enjoy inserting tons of sex scenes to go with their otherwise quite solid games.

This game comes from the same people that made the Rance series. However, unlike Rance*, this game does not trivialize or make light of rape in any sense, nor is it even really present so far as I can recall. I would personally give it a pass.

[up][up] It works for me.

Anyways, there are a lot of sex scenes, but their is nothing objectionable about them as far as I can recall. They are consensual if the main character is involved, and like the game Daibanchou is overshadowed by, it has a good story and good gameplay. I can't see any real reason for it to be cut or even doubted, though I can't remember if there was any loli or not.

[down][down]That's a shame.

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From poking at a review of Big Bang Age

"As for the gameplay, there are turns signifying the day’s activities. In the school chapter, you are confined to conversations and explorations in every player turn, but in the district and national chapters, the turns unfold as follows. First, you are given a choice to engage in H activities with a heroine of your choice. Each heroine has up to a total of three hearts, and choosing to do ecchi scenes with a heroine whose hearts are full would result in her H Level increasing by 1. The hearts can be increased by choosing to talk to her during the power-up phase, by going to a date, or by simply sexing the heroine up. Performing ecchi activities with a heroine works only up to Lv. 6, and from Lv. 6 onwards, the hearts will only increase by talking or by dating."

So yes, the sex scenes are optional and apparently only work in a beneficial manner up to a certain character level and from the look of it, you actually have to progress quite some way into the game before they even become available.

Unfortunately, I can confirm that BBA does indeed have pedo content (Shion, Cleo Aripa, Kinako) so it is going to be banned regardless of any other merits it may have.

Nothing happens with Cleo. She develops a crush and it goes nowhere. I can't deny Shion or Kinako, but then again that's a very small part of the game. If it's going to be cut for that, you're going to end up cutting an awful lot of pages.

That's unfortunate, but as I understand it there is a zero tolerance policy. A lot of pages are going to go, and that's a shame, but if that's how it is then that's how it is.

Personally, I think it should stay - but my personal opinion here is invalid, and my interpretation of the rules says that it should go. I may be in error, here, however.

I wasn't quite aware of Cleo (what can i say, I have a bad memory) though IIRC Kunagi spends much of the game in child form, yes? And she is, as I understand it, the main heroine (or, you know, one of them). There's also, say, Ninjacaptor Zakura and so on.

That's a little misleading. If you've played the game you know as well as I do that that content makes up a tiny fraction of what is contained and outside of the scenes in question there is little fetishizing of the characters involved. I'm not sure I'd really consider that pedo pandering the same way I would consider, say, the little girl heroine of Jewel Knights Crusaders. That game was simply disgusting.

I'm not saying it's pedo pandering, at all. I'm saying it has that content. If I've erred in my understanding of the rules and such is permitted provided it's not the focus, then by all means, I'd love to see it stay. That's the problem, though - as I understand it, the view is effectively zero tolerance.

I'm just trying to give my honest view of the situation based on what I've seen. For what it's worth, I'd vote that it's certainly more worthy of a position here than, say, Rance (played all routes except kill the monkey, and it was underwhelming despite its mass praise), and the plot, characterization and gameplay were all well done and important to the game as a whole.

It doubtless qualifies for "plot with porn" rather than the opposite, in my opinion, but that's not the issue as I understand it.

It's possibly a valid point to raise, but as I see it we will simply end up cutting far too many pages if accept an absolutely zero tolerance policy. I have personally always found lolicon both distasteful and difficult to understand the appeal of, but it seems to me that unless it's actually the focus or a prominent part of the work that it should get a closer look.

Personally, I think that's a good approach and I applaud you for it. I've seen far too much hatred, mass cuts and "pedoshit" (Yes, I'm aware it's effectively the official term here) slinging to be anything but impressed by your attitude. Keep it up.

Don't think I pointed out the presence of loli content here because I want to see Daibanchou banned - I don't, not by any means. I'm just trying to impersonally make sure everyone has their facts right before a decision is made, and I think if the P5 can overlook the presence of "pedoshit" well, that's wonderful.
 14 Martello, Thu, 26th Apr '12 6:01:26 PM from Black River, NY
Hammer of the Pervs
It's porn. I did some research and a Google Images search. Here's a good one: hxxp://

Make the xx into tt as long as you're not at work or near children. Big Bang Age is porn, and the girl in that image looks way underage.
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 15 The Handle, Thu, 26th Apr '12 6:06:24 PM from Location, Location, Loca
[up]Nonsense. Clearly you are unaware of the conventions of the medium. She's clearly underage in the same way that George Walker Bush is clearly responsible for 9/11, i.e. only to a motivated, biased mind.
I stayed up all night, 'cause I wanted to see where the sun went—and then it dawned on me.
 16 Raidouthe21st, Thu, 26th Apr '12 6:06:35 PM from Absolutely whacking your friends Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
U Jelly?
Making the same argument as I did in other threat.

This is what you normally see during gameplay. That image that you linked is a really small part of the game, and it's really unfair to judge the whole work by that picture alone...
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[up][up] I have to agree. She looks like a typical asian teenager to me. Flat-breasted, sure. Loli, no.

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 18 Elbruno, Thu, 26th Apr '12 6:08:54 PM from South Spexico, North Antarctica (Chile) Relationship Status: Chocolate!
To hell with the First Law!
She doesn't even look as young as you put it, and considering what the rest of the people have said about the work, calling it porn for that one image is ludicrous at best.

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I'll say right now that that girl does look underaged ingame. I won't deny that. My question was only intended to find out how zero tolerance our zero tolerance policy is. The elements containing such content in the work itself are actually quite minimal: The game takes hours or days to complete even if you skip all the dialogue and rush like hell. If there's no leeway at all, the game goes. If there's a little flexibility in how we are treating lolicon, then I say it gets a pass.

If you're going for 'this game is porn just because there's sex in it' then I will have to deny you on that one. Visual novels do contain explicit sex quite frequently without being pornography.

 20 Martello, Thu, 26th Apr '12 6:11:50 PM from Black River, NY
Hammer of the Pervs
Okay, so I get the premise of the game, because I did do the research, regardless of what some of you seem to think. The sex is an integral part, though, so it seems like porn to me. If it was softcore I'd be less inclined to cut it.

You guys still have some time to convince me. I haven't actually voted on it yet.
"Did anybody invent this stuff on purpose?" - Phillip Marlowe on tequila, Finger Man by Raymond Chandler.
[up] Just because the game has a lot of sex scenes doesn't mean it can't have a respectably good plot. -_-

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 22 Raidouthe21st, Thu, 26th Apr '12 6:15:14 PM from Absolutely whacking your friends Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
U Jelly?
I have to ask if the fact the work contains explicit sex at all is what is making you lean towards cutting it, or if there's a particular element about this portrayal of sex that's troublesome, considering that's apparently the issue at work here.

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"A haiku for the man: Man with sunglasses, has them on all night and day, watch out where you go."
 23 Martello, Thu, 26th Apr '12 6:19:42 PM from Black River, NY
Hammer of the Pervs
I was considering keeping Sengoku Rance initially because of the same thing - the gameplay actually looks like something I might be interested in, sans the porn - but on further reflection I really have to draw the porn-line at explicit sexual intercourse. Otherwise I'd be unfairly keeping certain works despite their pornographic nature just because I approve of other things in there.

Let me give you guys a parallel for a genre I'm into. Borgia: Power and Incest is a graphic novel illustrated by Milo Manara and published by Heavy Metal. It features lots and lots of sex, but it's all softcore. The work of Ignacio Noe, on the other hand, are purely porn and feature plenty of explicit depictions of intercourse. His Piano Tuner series, which I've looked at, is referenced on the Plot with Porn trope page, but we don't have a page for him or his works. If we did, I'd vote to cut it, even though I think Noe is an awesome artist and that Piano Tuner series has some damn hilarious stories along with all the porn. But it's still porn.

EDIT: Certain parts bolded for those who didn't bother to read closely last time.

edited 26th Apr '12 6:34:13 PM by Martello

"Did anybody invent this stuff on purpose?" - Phillip Marlowe on tequila, Finger Man by Raymond Chandler.
[up] I thought Plot with porn was okay!!! That is what this is!! Stop ignoring the plot!
 25 The Handle, Thu, 26th Apr '12 6:22:13 PM from Location, Location, Loca
@Arha: How you see her as underage is beyond me. To me she's obviously over sixteen at least. I've checked GIS for images of the game. She's old. Unless the game explicitly states she's underage, I can't accept that she's said to be so.
I stayed up all night, 'cause I wanted to see where the sun went—and then it dawned on me.
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