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Trials Evolution:

Jonah Falcon
Coming out this week, and just announced the composer for God of War is making the music for the game.
Jonah Falcon
The God of War composer's doing the music, huh? That explains why this trailer sounds so dang dramatic, haha.

edited 17th Apr '12 10:03:36 AM by AzureSeas

Jonah Falcon
Trials Evolution getting glowing reactions from everyone. Who's shocked? cool
Jonah Falcon
 4 Firebert, Wed, 18th Apr '12 12:26:45 AM from Somewhere in Illinois
That One Guy
Thanks to this and FEZ, I'll be having some fun with my 360 when I get home.
Jonah Falcon
Best day one sales in XBLA history.
Jonah Falcon
 6 Firebert, Sat, 21st Apr '12 9:23:50 AM from Somewhere in Illinois
That One Guy
Why am I not surprised?

I love the looks of the map editor, Redlynx showed just how much variety can be done with it. I'm sure it'll give this game plenty of longevity (not that beating your friends' times wouldn't already).
Jonah Falcon
Origins of Pain DLC now available.
Jonah Falcon
Mah Headphones
It's been out on PC for a while now (a couple of months), and they just released the demo today. I'm downloading it now to see if the issues with the port are really true.
I need HoH SiS
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