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Pokemon: I Choose Your Own Adventure!:

 1 Ragna The Saviour, Sun, 15th Apr '12 8:29:37 AM from Gamindustri Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Purple Heart
It's been a month since I've left home. I've seen plenty of different people and things. Everything is new, different from home, that is. Large cities, a more modern look. Kanto was just... well... plain. We have cities and large buildings, but the Unova region just takes the cake. Its that much more advanced.

"Huff..." I sigh, eyes traveling along the ground as I walk.

It's different here... very different...

My comrade, whom I been with, is right beside me...

  • Choices:
    • Gen 1: Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Eevee
    • Gen 2: Chikorita, Cynadquil, Totodile
    • Gen 3: Teeko, Torchic, Mudkip
    • Gen 4: Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup
    • Gen 5: Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott
"No matter how many times you try, justice is totally on our side!"
Walking the path of heaven, ruling over all...
>Eevee. Ignore anyone who says otherwise.
Can't go wrong with Charmander.

Wild Horse
Always be ready to do the unusual and unexpected.
 5 Raineh Daze, Sun, 15th Apr '12 12:47:41 PM from Stirling Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Mu
Eevee! It's all fluffy and cute and Eevee! ^_^
What is a durian? A miserable little pile of secrets!
Biggest Star Around!
The fourth Assassin's Rule: Shout loudly what the first three rules are, so that the enemy is aware of your presence!
 7 Anno R, Sun, 15th Apr '12 1:07:33 PM from Honnouji Academy Get RP Mod
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
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