The Turbulent Flow of Writing:

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An insight for those who feel that they're surfing on a tumultuous wave of thought when the Muse enters their hands - some of you might not agree with this feeling, but for those who do:

Sometimes you'll imagine that the wave you've faithfully rode on has carried you to dry land. You arrive at a dead end, and you're wondering how shall your story continue on from this point.

Likely you would take a break where hopefully the Muse strikes twice in inspiration, one way or another.

Then, I would give you this picture: that wave which carried you.. is the gravitational orbit around a planet. You happen to be a comet that has entered orbit, and the euphoric rush that you've felt.. that flow as you accelerate around the planet - until the flow dissipates when you finally leave the planet's orbit, having exhausted your L.A. privileges. And then you're drifting again in space like before, hoping that you can catch another drift of inspirational gravity.

And you will, when you find another angle of attack through your story. Find another "planet" to focus on, and let its gravity pull you in.
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