Wisconsin bill "to emphasize nonmarital parenthood as factor in abuse":

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While the bill does not say it's a cause, it is allowing it to be factored in either alone, or in conjunction with other recognized factors.

That means if someone wanted to try and open an investigation on a single parent, they could just for them being a single parent.

That allows the government to treat you as guilty first and ransack your entire life finding other things that may or may not be there. Now if it is a geniune abuse case, they can add "single parent" alongside "drunk" or "abuser". That is very dangerous and unrelated correlations.

This wording can and probably for some people who do believe single parents have something wrong with them strengthen an already disgusting stigma.

Being a single parent is hard enough without strangers vilifying you and judging you for no reason. And just because the kid gets older that doesn't mean it goes away; now they just have two punching bags instead of one.

Had this bill passed, it would have given more fuel to a fire that shouldn't even have existed anyway.
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You know how in the context of gay adoption debates, people who say a kid should have both a mother and a father are often met with "well, would you stop single parents from raising kids too?"

I take this bill as their way of saying "we would if we could."

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