The Odd Ways of Creativity:

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1 vijeno22nd Mar 2012 09:21:00 AM from Vienna, Austria
For years and years and years, the way my creativity comes and goes drove me up the wall. I felt so helpless about it. I wanted to write so badly, and was rarely ever able to get anything done.

Basically, for me it works like this: I always have two or three huge projects going on. As soon as I'm somewhat involved in one, my mind will instantly come up with some new idea for something short. If I try to resist the urge to work on the new stuff, I'll get frustrated and slow myself down. If I throw myself unto the new, smallish stuff, I end up writing the most awesome text of my whole life.

So, at some point in he last two years, I finally gave up the fight against this irregularity. Instead, I started to organize my toolset and my habits around the ways of my creativity. I have a mindmapping tool (freeplane) for organizing all my texts. I have an online todo list (toodledo) and time tracking tool (toggl).

And I'm so much more happy for it!

So, my bottom line here is: If your creativity works in "weird" patterns that seem to make no sense at all - stop fighting against it. Work with it. You'll be way better off in the long run. And never let anyone tell you what tools you should use - you are the only person who can decide that, and it pays off to take some time to investigate the tools out there, and find the ones best suited to your needs.
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