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 1 Bioflakcake 22, Wed, 21st Mar '12 9:30:30 PM from UT 2004 servers
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Okay, I need help here. What do you think would happen after three or four centuries to native indian tribes in America if they were not influenced by the white men at all? This is really important for the story. I already have a few ideas, but mainly I'm thinking about the more militaristic tribes and how much land they would claim, etc. Much appreciated.

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Conquistador by Stirling has a setting in which Europeans never colonized the Americas (actually, technological civilization never arose in Europe; they remained at circa Alexander the Great levels). It had the Indians having basically just remained where they were, on a large scale at least. I don't think there were any trends in Native American society toward much greater advancement that were merely interrupted by the arrival of Europeans. (Unless you credit Orson Scott Card and his Tlaxcalan theory, but I don't know to what degree that was meant to be serious.)
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The Native Americans had very little drive for any sort of technological or scientific advancement without a significant change in their culture. This has quite a bit to do with their tribal mentality. Unless they formed setttled, permanent nations rather than confederacies of somewhat nomadic tribes, and were united by a leader (or leaders) with significant drive for change and advancement, not much would happen.
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 4 Night, Thu, 22nd Mar '12 6:19:30 PM from PSNS Intrepid Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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Very little. Population density wasn't high enough to demand rapid social or technical development. The East Coast tribes might have made it as far as say...early Classical Greece, at most, but they were the only ones in position to make significant advance.
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 5 Last Hussar, Sat, 24th Mar '12 3:48:17 AM from the place is here.
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If you mean 'Where would they be today?', why not look at the nomadic and stone age tribes that still exist
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