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Now... presenting...
Justice for Cezyros

The year for Cezyros is 1288 AF (After the Fall of the old empires,) and its citizens are in a period of short relief.

The planet of Cezyros, finally came to a point where the bulk of the hostile nations had been subjugated, and so the allied nations decided to put their efforts and technology together in a monumental occasion to find their way into the next frontier.

After the discovery of Space Travel, explorers made first contact with the Gronk species of '''Epsilon Phi'''. Their eco-system and technology were so wildly different from Cezyros that the explorers were amazed. They were welcomed with peaceful interactions, and after receiving a tour of the lovely and strange planet, the explorers got an escorted ride back home to Cezyros.

Unfortunately... peace was not what the gronks had in mind. A war-fleet came in behind their scout, and your home world was attacked without warning. Un-prepared, the soldiers of every nation fought back with what means they could.

The gronks sorely over-estimated their technology. They believed it to be better, but it was really just different. Their offensive means were not up to par with the ways of life on Cezyros, and after an offensive that lasted in the range of 6 months, they left... but not before leaving a present behind.

War had become blasť by that day when it happened. The gronks only killed military, so being a civilian wasn't too bad, and it was obvious that the aliens were losing. However, the day came when the day lit up purple. 50 bombs streaked down from the sky like meteors and smashed into different targeted cities. The explosions were like nothing science could explain. The radius was not like an atom bomb, and only covered about one urban city. However, the structural damage was done with an energy which tore matter apart, leaving nothing behind. However, the bomb seemed to have trouble creating the kinds of craters usually seen by explosives.

Your home town...

Were you lucky to survive, or cursed? Almost everyone you knew in the wonderful city of Sunnydale was dead. Your memories there were gone.

Each of you have been unconscious for far too long. The military rescue force in your home country of Mercada were the ones who inevitably rescued you from the underground rubble, where they found so many. Most of them were D.O.A, but they all had horrible features changed about them.

Most of you woke up in the same hospital room as one another, getting to see the news on the TV as it kept saying the same thing. More Kalmos Bomb fatalities, more abnormalities, aliens retreated. The allied nations are having a meet about the status, hopefully to find an easy solution to this. Crime has skyrocketed from the vulnerability of the world, military and officials having a hard time keeping up.

Hibiki and Abran are the closest to the door. Still a little hazed in the slow waking up, it takes a moment to notice the hospitals curtains seperating one half of the room from the other, (so you can't see each other,) and you can all tell that you've been seperated from one another by dividers. Landon and Andrea are the lucky ones, sitting over by the single long window, seperated in the middle by the same curtain as the front of the room. Altria's the only one cursed with a wall and two curtains.

The doors suddenly open, and a male doctor comes in with a cart, and two agents in black suits following behind him. The doctor wheels the cart into the side Abran is laying in, and continue on down the hall. Perception check=97 It looks like... veternary supplies?

Landon wakes up to the unexpectedly loud ringing and squeaking of the hospital cart. He can't really understand why it's so loud, either. As he opens his eyes, the world looks unexpectedly different. Movements are more notiable, his periferal appears to be shortened, and things look so much more crisp... and you're not even wearing your glasses. A doctor comes over, and appears startled when he looks at you. "Oh my! The Kalmos Mutation did change this patient as much as you say," the doctor exclaims, adjusting his glasses and looking at his clipboard. Everyone in the room can hear his interest. "Let's see... Landon, right? Found in a sub-cellar chemical lab, if I'm not mistaken."

The agents, one male and one female, stand watch at either side of the door.

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>ANDREA, awaken.

The girl doesn't seem to be too aware of her surroundings despite being more or less fully up. She hears the speech of the doctor but says nothing.

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Hibiki slowly came to, her ears still ringing. Everything... everything was white. Like snow. Had she...?

She remembered. The dojo. She'd been practicing out in the garden when... when... A rushing noise filled her ears, like the roaring of a thousand lions. And then there was light. Bright light, like nothing she'd ever seen before. It swallowed up everything, filling every last nook and cranny until she could see it in the corner of her eyes. That light felt so warm, wrapped around her like a blanket. It didn't hurt at all...

Maybe I did die... She thought, perhaps with a hint of regret. Her ears buzzed, and sound came back in bits. Something was squeaking, like wheels or something. And someone was talking. They were saying something about patients... Shit!

She jerked almost involuntarily her body giving in a second after it started, although she couldn't tell if she was paralyzed or just exhausted. No no no no. This couldn't be the hospital! She couldn't be in the hospital! Dead was better than hospitalized! If she was in the hospital, then that meant that she may never swing a sword again! Never do anything again! She might be paralyzed! Useless!

And what about the rest of the dojo? She remembered seeing the light swallow it up. Mother, Father, Shirou...

No tears would come. Her body still wasn't listening to her. She couldn't talk, couldn't cry. She could barely move. Stuck inside a shell, waiting alone with her thoughts for someone to crack it open. Why? Why did this-

"-Kalmos Mutation-" Kalmos Mutation?

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Landon squints at the harsh light filtering in through the window. He manages to moan a soft, "Wha...happen..." before he hears the doctor speak up.

"Let's see... Landon, right? Found in a sub-cellar chemical lab, if I'm not mistaken."

Landon attempts to see what is on the cart near his bed, Perception = base roll 9, +10 = 19. but he's too confused by all the new sights, smells, and sounds assaulting him. Instead, he coveres his eyes with the palms of his hands and rubs hard, trying to recall what exatly happened.

I was in the lab...Sneakers...he was by the window, but he...freaked out...that that sounds...like static...I grabbed Sneakers...under the workbench...

"Whur's...Sneakers...?", he grunted, his hands still covering his eyes. It had only just occurred to him that he could smell rubbing alcohol. The smell sickened him slightly.
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Opening his eyes and quickly glancing around, Abran saw the cart that had been wheeled right by him, but he just closed them right back, too tired to focus, or even contemplate the implications. He heard a doctor talking about some poor bastard they dug out with a sort of mutation; maybe when they were done talking they would come around to him. His head felt like it had been hit by a hammer, though, so he closed his eyes and listened in.
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The doctor looked down at Landon and shook his head gently. "Oh dear, I do think he's delusional. Your sneakers melted I'm afraid. They won't be any good for your feet now." While speaking, he went to work adding some liquid into the I.V. that was hooked up to Landon's arm. He could feel a light pinch as the doctor did this.

A knock came to the door behind the two agents. One of them turned and opened the door, allowing entrance to another doctor. She pushed in a much quieter plastic cart that had some instruments, and slowly wheeled it over to Hibiki. This doctor spoke in a quiet tone as she stopped beside the bed and took out a reading instrument; "Let's see how we're doing today..." Clearly unaware of Hibiki's conciousness, she placed the cold flat instrument to the elbow crook of Hibiki's arm. She feels the cold sensation, which almost instantly wakes up her arm for reaction. Endurance Check 60+4 (Pass)

As for Abran, he can tell that the male agent is watching him. He seems high-strung... almost nervous. Looking back into his eyes, Abran feels as if he's remembering a briefing... but not as himself? It's all quite confusing in his hazy recovery. Willpower Check 27+4 (Fail)

Andrea, while nothing is really happening, can hear the doctor talking to Landon, and while she hears the door opening and closing from the other side of the room, she can't hear the female doctor. The sun shining through the window seems almost surreal however. A beautiful picture, even in such a place. A pair of bluejays seat themselves on the stone sill just on the other side of the glass.

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>ANDREA, reach for the birds.

A weak hand attempts to outstretch, to touch the bluejays. You loved birds, still do. It's been forever since you've seen them without bullets raining down around you.

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Landon winced when he felt the pinch in his arm. He was no stranger to needles and I.V.s. He'd been in the hospital before, after all.

It's just that the feeling isn't exactly something one gets used to.

"Oh dear, I do think he's delusional. Your sneakers melted I'm afraid."

A flash suddenly went through his mind. Sneakers...melted?! Is that even possible?

"They won't be any good for your feet now."

Landon sighed. Oh. My shoes... Guess I should've asked about my cat...

"No...not shoes... Cat..." His throat was still a little dry from being out for so long, so his voice remained soft, lest he break into a fit of coughing.

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*. He couldn't place the man watching him, but it reminded him of... something. He couldn't recall, be he stopped worrying about it as he listened to a comment about something melting? Feet?

He simply looked at the man with a passing glance, hoping not to make eye contact.
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