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Hi there. My name is Casey Jones— I wrote a graphic novel, All Fall Down, that was published this past December.

I am a huge fan of TV Tropes, I've even updated a few tropes with examples from favorite works.

I would *love* it if a page could be created for All Fall Down; but I can't do it myself without it being a conflict of interest. There are *plenty* of tropes to be found in the book— Tropes Are Not Bad, after all.

I'd be happy to hear advice on this, from anyone who'd care to sound off. Looking forward to learning what you think.

Cordially, C.
There is no conflict of interests if you as creator want to fill in the tropes for All Fall Down as long as you aren't too gushing or evangelical about it.

Just click on the link and edit in a brief description, and some tropes.

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We have an existing thread here. To summarize: Don't touch the subjective tropes (YMMV, crowning moments), and write examples as you would for any other page, as if you were just any random reader.

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Also if you decide to make it. Stop by How To Create A Work Page for tips. Also, remember to set the page type to work. The page type tool is on the tools list.

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