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The thing with the red gold crown.
Samuel ran as fast as he could occasionally glancing back. He had failed. He tried to remind himself that there was nothing he could do, but it tore at his gut still.

It comes. The corrupter comes.
Don't let it touch the tower lest all reality crumble.
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As the quakes continued, everyone ran fast as lightning out of the building, and poured into two of the vans; Jason drove one, and John drove another. Pouring on the brakes, they drove as fast as they could away from the building and to the city limits, as they could, though not without John first detonating the building once they were far enough away; the building seemed to collapse in a fiery destruction one that would surely have made news across the whole USA — had the USA still been around the next morning...


When Rossane awoke, she felt a nasty pain in her neck, and grabbed at it, feeling her throat. She then noticed that a knife was right beside her and in addition, that there was a green transparent dome right above her, with countless amounts of rubble on top of it. "Hell...", she muttered under her breath...

Meanwhile, Gray and Odin had been busy saving both Rosanne and themselves by placing a green dome around each of them, as well as using their now vast power to pull the knives out of both Rosanne, and Gray himself. And with that knife no longer there, Gray was now back in control — or at least, as much as Odin was willing to give him.

"And now...", said Gray, basked beneath the bright light of the dome, "it is time for a new era to begin. I was a fool for ever believing in Father's talks about letting humans be. Where did that get him? ...I've realized since that humans should never have been left to themselves in the first place. Well... I'll soon have a chance to change that; humans will learn their rightful place in the world. And we immortals shall discover ours. Anyway, without further adieu..."

And so, Gray concentrated on the orb once again; he wasn't exactly sure why he still needed it, seeing as he himself was now practically brimming with power, but for whatever reason, he felt compelled to hold on to it. Ah well, he thought; he could use the extra power that the orb would surely provide. And so, without further hesitation, it began...


If the escapees from Dino Connections looked out their windows, they would see an amazing sight. The tons of rubble that was now Dino Connections, was slowly lifted up into the air, seemingly by nothing — and then it flew straight off into the distance, with it's ultimate fate to be dumped right into the deep ocean. Meanwhile, from the building below, two figures — one wearing a gray suit and holding an orb, and the other with red-as-blood hair, could be seen flying up from below, concealed within a green transparent orb each. And right behind them, a good 40 dead bodies could be seen, flying from beyond. And with all of his forces now assembled, Gray began the first attack — one that the refuge group of immortals traveling by van was just lucky enough to avoid, having just escaped the city limits...

Gray thought about giving a message to the city of Rankenopolis first, to give the city a warning of sorts... but, he figured that a surprise attack, without absolutely any warning whatsoever, would better show off his sheer might. And so, without any warning or provocation, Gray commanded one of his 40 undead weapons to, as he put it, Annihilate them, and use every last drop of your energy, will you?. And so, the new soldier did as he was told. He flew right down to the city, right to the street below, and at first, seemed to simply stand there, with everyone wondering just what the **** what was going, and why this strange man that had flown below was blocking traffic. But soon enough, they got their answer. The man's eyes glowed, and soon enough, his mouth, now open, did as well. And, without warning... it happened.

Within 60 seconds, the man exploded into a tremendous blast of bright green energy; it spread throughout the entire city, in all possible directions, hardly missing a single spot. And in the end, when the view of the city was clear, all that was left one giant crater, and those lucky enough to have been on the outmost outskirts of their city, such as the escaping immortals.

"Soon enough," said Gray to Rossane," this entire incident will be all over the news. Not that it'll matter. Seeing as I need people to run a kingdom, I'll be sure to keep the ants alive next time, or as much as I can afford. For if I am to properly start my kingdom, then one thing is certain; this civilazation, that took centuries to get to where it is now, must be crushed — as if it never was."

And that day would be forever remembered by all immortal henceforth, as the day the old world ended, and when the new world had just begun...


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