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Christmas Gift ?
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Christmas Gift ?:

Ok I know this late and a weird place to ask this but here goes. What is a good gift for a 12 year old niece?

Her mother already vetoed my ideas, a small tv for her room or a desk. Anyone have any ideas?

 2 Rainbow, Thu, 22nd Dec '11 3:00:32 PM Relationship Status: Puppy love
Sailor Moon Fan
Do you know any of her interests or hobbies?
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 3 Drunk Girlfriend, Thu, 22nd Dec '11 3:01:26 PM from Castle Geekhaven
I know that Monster High is big with that age bracket right about now. If she's into it, maybe you could track down some of the merchandise for her.
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 4 Leradny, Thu, 22nd Dec '11 3:12:36 PM from Alameda, CA
Have you actually asked your niece herself what she wants?

She sings, she acts, she loves animals and little kids, and Twilight, she spends a lot of time watching TV while staring at her iPod-touch.

[up] Does she have any of the Twilight books? Get her those.

I think I even saw a Twilight graphic novel somewhere. Maybe that would work.
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Texan Troper Coven
@ Leradny "A laptop or money towards a laptop"

She is aready getting a laptop from her mom but she dosen't think she is.

He hasn't come up with anything elce.

[up] she has all the books, maybe the graphic novel , but I don't think she has any other graphic novels.

edited 22nd Dec '11 3:23:31 PM by HistoryMaker

 8 Blixty Slycat, Thu, 22nd Dec '11 3:20:49 PM from Driving the Rad Hazard
|like a boss|
Itunes giftcard?
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[up] fall back plan

 10 Loid, Thu, 22nd Dec '11 4:09:39 PM from Eastern Standard Time
Some plays so she can practice her hobby?
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Give her some cash and a card. It is probably the best thing you can give to her simply because she can spend it on whatever she wants.

Although, you may need to tell her to make sure to get something she can use rather than spending it on fast food or something like that.
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Texan Troper Coven
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