Toy factory reported to have sweatshop conditions:

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Well, yes, but it those clothes are bought second-hand instead of going to waste this means there isn't additional demand created for them.
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52 Morven31st Dec 2011 06:16:05 PM from Seattle, WA, USA
It is fair to blame China, though, because China has the absolute right to shut this shit down and they don't. It's one thing if it's some tiny, weak little country that can be owned utterly by foreign corporations; China is not one of these.
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Don't really know what to say. This is something that's been going on for a while. It's horrible, but I'm not sure it's news.
Except for 4/1/2011. That day lingers in my memory like...metaphor here...I should go.
[up]Yeah, not so much news as "wow, we finally got an extra detailed account of this kind of stuff". Note that the report isn't completely accurate. The factory is outsourced by Hasbro, they don't actually run it.
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