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Ridley Scott's Prometheus (Alien Prequel):

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I have a counter-theory.

Ridley Scott likes money.
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 202 LE 0 Night, Mon, 8th Oct '12 8:25:44 AM from A Realm of Dire Boredom
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There was going to be facehuggers instead of black goo in the original draft until, and I quote, "script doctor Damon Lindelof" came along. Along with the more xenomorph-looking version of Fifield-zombieman above it was probably ment as a more direct alien prequel at some point.

edited 8th Oct '12 8:25:54 AM by LE0Night

 203 The Bat Pencil, Mon, 8th Oct '12 12:34:04 PM from Glasgow, Scotland Relationship Status: I'm just a hunk-a, hunk-a burnin' love
That does sound interesting. I think it would have benefited from trimming down on the "life cycle" stages/elements and instead dedicated that time to making the film scarier.
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 204 vijeno, Sun, 14th Oct '12 6:25:02 AM from Vienna, Austria
You know, if I were to write the sequel, I'd so look at the Headscratchers page for ideas. It's amazing what people here came up with!

Left Eye
In case anybody hasn't seen, this is a draft by Spaihts.

There was also a Lindelof draft, but it got pulled. I can tell you that his style of writing is.... different.
I'm on page 98, and I'm actually really liking it.

 207 Daddy Mulk, Fri, 11th Jan '13 5:52:01 AM from [citation needed]
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Saw it a couple weeks ago, disliked it greatly for several reasons. This is one of them: the first Alien was a movie heavy on themes (what with all the metaphors for sex, rape, maternity, cancer, primal fears and so on) but one could disregard these and enjoy the film simply as a great horror/sci-fi flick. Prometheus however bashes us on the head with heavy-handed themes such as belief, faith, the creation of life (Shaw's angst for being sterile for example), the existence of a god/gods, but utterly fails to deliver, and the film suffers for it. The scientists made what is probably the greatest scientific discovery ever but everyone acts as if it's a failure and/or nobody gives a shit. And what was the point of having the film set at Xmas, other that heavy-handed symbolism (and the fact that the ship has random things aboard such as a Xmas tree, a piano, an axe, a bike, but no weapons grin)? And the fact that Vickers was Weyland's daughter could be interesting, but as it's presented it comes rather out of left field and amounts to nothing.

As an added "bonus", we Italian viewers are familiar with a comedy show wherein two thirty-somethings play father and son. The one who plays the father has a weird make-up that unfortunately looks like the one they put on Guy Pearce's face. So this stupid decision from the special FX department caused even more unintended hilarity here. evil grin

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