HIV Vaccine Trials Approved by FDA:

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@culex: Ah, ok =/ Yeah, that wasn't what I meant. And I realized latter mistake of mine after posting(I edited it in at some point), the "Its not like people who create vaccines can invest money to help on other areas" mistake ^^;

@Telos: Yes, but if population growth would REALLY increase, it would create even more problems or make current ones worse.

And yeah, encouraging condom use was one thing that could be done better, though if leaders don't want to do that its not like we can do much =/
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[up] There may be potential problems with high population growth in the current conditions there, yes, but ideally focus should be on fixing why that population growth would be a problem rather than simply trying to curb the growth.
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@spooky mask: its worse than that. AI Ds doesnt actually stop new kids from being born. the problem is, in AIDS heavy countries, it kills most of the young adults, basically leaving you with lots of kids and lots of elderly with nobody to support either group.
Well I'm happy that university research in Canada has yet again produced an amazing and important medical advancement.
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@culex: Agree with that, I don't think the population should be actively prevented to grow, just fix the problems that cause it be a problem or at least reasons which causes it to be too fast.

@Midget: Hmm, I see =/ That sounds horrible.
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Incidentally, data from the WHO on global causes of death:

HIV is the 6th-largest cause of death globally, and the largest cause as a single disease (the only infectious diseases above it are groups: "lower respiratory infections" and "diarrheal diseases". It's the 3rd-largest cause of death in lower-income countries after the two I just mentioned, while malaria is 5th and TB is 7th.

So yes, this is big. But the CBC article also said that three previous vaccines (using live virus, rather than killed virus as this one does) have gone to clincial trials and nothing has come of them, so while this is a large step forward, there's no certainty that it will be successful.

Still, impressive. Go Canada! Proud of my country's researchers.
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