Dead Rising 3:

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Jonah Falcon
Rumored to be in California, starring a mechanic named Rick.

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Jonah Falcon
2 Firebert9th Dec 2011 11:46:53 AM from Somewhere in Illinois
That One Guy
The purported game will feature a theme of illegal immigration
... huh.
4 foodbattle9th Dec 2011 12:29:11 PM from Tahiti (it's a magical place)
...What the brown?
If they're going to keep introducing new main characters, I hope this is the last one. Frank's cool, and Chuck is awesome. But a new character every main game could make the story too tangled up and complicated. They could have this guy meet up with them, and then start the plot for the next game, with the goal to expose Phenotrans and find the zombie cure like they said in the end of Case West.
5 nomuru2d31st Jul 2013 08:17:37 AM from Port Saint Lucie, FL , Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
Apparently, in spite of the seriousness of the E3 presentation, there will still be silliness.

Also, seriously, why not bump this thread when the time came for E3?

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Long live Cinematech.

Zuncha Zuncha Zuncha Zuncha Zuncha Zuncha~cha!
So......have any of you guys played this yet?
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Does anyone find this Gary character to resemble Wreck-it Ralph?
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