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Rats demonstrate advanced empathy
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Rats demonstrate advanced empathy:

 26 Clarste, Fri, 9th Dec '11 9:02:00 AM Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Three Steps
Well, apparently the conditioned reflex of a rat seeing another rat in danger is to panic and run away. It says it took several weeks before they felt safe enough to approach the container. So whatever they were doing, it was learned behavior rather than pure instinct.

edited 9th Dec '11 9:02:51 AM by Clarste

 27 captainbrass 2, Fri, 9th Dec '11 12:02:04 PM from the United Kingdom
You realise this now ruins every movie gangster from Jimmy Cagney on who ever complained about "dirty, double-crossing rats."
"Well, it's a lifestyle"
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