Sexual Harassment 2011:

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It seem organizations all across North America are being charged with sexual harassment offences - the RCMP, Scouts Canada, US college sports, among others.

Are we seeing a move toards transperancy, or is this jsut a purge resulting from a domino effect?
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I don't know. It's hard to tell. While I understand the victims of sexual abuse being hesitant to come forward, I thought we as a society have learned that in cases of sexual harassment you can speak up and you'll actually benefit from it.

(Politicians and Celebrities doing payoffs or what not.)

It just seems like in Herman Cain's case, did they speak up because it really happened and they finally felt secure, or was it because he was running for president?

I just feel if it is a sincere case, you shouldn't do anything to jeopardize your credibility by waiting. Especially when at least in America, there is a lawyer on every corner practically.
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