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Is it relevant to our daily lives or our current society?

Is Dunbar's number representative of how many people we can "conceive of as people instead of one dimensional characters" like a certain cracked article argued, or does it tell us how many stable and consistent relationships we can carry on socially at a time?

There seems to be a lot of confusion with what this concept actually entails, me included, so here's a link to wikipedia just because.

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Thank you Cracked. [lol]

Anyhow, yeah, I'd say it's relevant, though I'm not sure whether or not it's actually an accepted, proven idea yet, scientifically-speaking. If it is, it would be huge, and coincide with my hypothesis that humans are, at some base level, hopelessly selfish creatures...
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Short answer: yes!
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Well, it's an average. There is a huge variation in the number of relationships that different people can manage. Most people know several dozen others on a first name basis at any one time. There are a very few people who know hundreds.
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