I need a tirade of insults in Italian:

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1 pagad7th Dec 2011 02:47:30 PM from perfidious Albion , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Context is probably important here: an aristocratic female Italian character is responding to provocative insults from a female German.

The German side of it was easy: my German character is blunt and laconic, so I just peppered her dialogue with choice German words and phrases. For the Italian, I want something a little more...flowing. Like the "tirade" example on the Wikipedia article for Italian profanity.
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Google Translate is your friend.
4 lordGacek10th Dec 2011 07:20:40 AM from Kansas of Europe
Nah, unless translator programs began to actually translate well when I didn't look. Try googling, however, for online curse libraries or swear-word dictionaries, I know there are things like these.
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If you want really specific insults, try looking up forums dedicated to translating Italian.
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